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Gosh it can get windy up here. Campervan Living

House in a forest on a foggy day, Welcombe, Devon, UK
House in a forest on a foggy day, Welcombe, Devon, UK
Yesterday the gas ran out just as I was trying to heat water (and Daisy) to get ready for work. We have found that the bottle always runs out at the most inconvenient times. For this reason, we keep a camping stove. Fun things that happen when campervan living.

Nik was awake already so he drove me to work in the car so he could get a new bottle. It was a bit of luck he did. When Nik was connecting the new bottle he realised the regulator had a leak. This was actually quite a relief. The gas had only lasted 13 days! We were somewhat put out that it had lasted such a short time. Even running the fridge full time and using the heater in the mornings, it should have lasted longer. 

I’d also thought I could smell gas on and off since we arrived at this site. It was so fleeting that we’d decided it must have blown in on the wind. Anyway, Nik had to drive to the nearest camping shop for a new one. This wasn’t actually too far as it’s on a caravan site in Bude. Now we just have to start our experiment to see how long the bottle lasts all over again.

On top of our little hill this evening, it was the windiest it’s been whilst campervan living. Daisy was rocking and rolling like a boat on the open sea. It did make for a lovely cosy atmosphere. Also, it gave us a chance to see just how well Nik had stuck down the roof box. Probably not the best way to check out your DIY skills but hey. We figured if it stayed after this wind it would stay whilst driving along the motorway. According to the BBC weather, it was whipping up our valley at 58mph. I’ll be honest there was a moment (more like hour), that we considered the need to find a more sheltered site for the night. Just as we were thinking this the wind was dropping so all is good again.

To continue the saga of the inverter. Nik bought a BESTEK 2000w Power Inverter, which came highly recommended. From Amazon, we paid next day delivery so I could iron my work clothes before going in yesterday. It was a day late in arriving, tch.

It’s here now, so we got it back to Daisy, plugged it into the spare battery. Unfortunately, we found it only vaguely worked to charge the laptop. So we tested it on my hair straighteners and it kept on cutting out. Now we did sit thinking this one was also naff. Aggravated that we were going to have to spend a lot of money on a mahoosive inverter. Suddenly, Nik had a moment of inspiration and checked the charge on the battery. At which point we discovered that it hadn’t been charging. Then Nik connected the inverter to the leisure battery and hey presto, everything works. Which means that the two we’d returned to Halfords were probably working just fine, ooooops.

The universal in-car charger for the laptop has also arrived but none of the connections that came with it fit. So we went to a computer shop. Here we found out that our laptop is so new that there haven’t been any universals made to fit it yet. Bare that in mind when you buy a new laptop that you want to charge off the cigarette lighter. We now have one on order from the makers of the laptop which will cost us £45.

These are all things unplanned for when first working out if we could afford for me to give up work. So it’s a good job I couldn’t leave straight away.

This morning when we woke up the wind had stopped. Instead, it was so foggy we couldn’t see the campervan parked closest to us. So we decided on a walk in the woods, which turned out to be very enjoyable indeed. We then spent the rest of the day getting odd jobs done. Technology free, so the leisure battery can charge off the solar panel without too much stress on such a foggy day.

We have an appointment with the children every Sunday evening to meet up at Marisa’s house for dinner so that’s how we spent a very pleasant evening.

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