Where do you stay when the camper is in the garage?

Where do you stay when the camper is in the garage?

Where do you stay when the camper is in the garage? We have a great set of guys in our garage. Being aware that we live in our campervan they go above and beyond to make sure that Horatio can be returned to us in one day. They’ve even worked late so we can have our home back the same day.

Horatio had a problem with the fuel pump. Luckily, this was discovered whilst Nik was working. Not when on an adventure. Unfortunately, not something our guys could fix. The camper had to go to a specialist garage for at least three nights. Which left us with the question. Where do you stay when the camper is in the garage?

We couldn’t go to a hotel or bed and breakfast with a parrot. So that left us with hiring a holiday home, but at this time of year, that would be pricey. 

We could stay with family. Of our children, Marisa is the only one with a spare room. She, however, had only just moved to this house and unpacked boxes live there at present. Definitely doable, though, if we had to.

That left us with the great idea to get a tent. Nik and I have always enjoyed tenting holidays, so were really quite looking forward to it.

We purchased a small 6 person tent, borrowed a blow-up bed and surprisingly, already had a portable loo. The idea being we sleep one side of the tent. The dogs and Cleo would sleep in the middle and the toilet would be locked away on the other side of the tent. In practice, however, the dogs waited until we were asleep and crawled up onto the bed with us. We’re such suckers that we let them because this was new and scarey. 

The day we moved in the sun was so hot I actually worried that Cleo would over heat. By the evening, however, it was tipping it down with rain. This didn’t stop for three whole days. By which time everything inside the tent was damp. Dogs and wet weather do not mix well with tents.

We also discovered that we couldn’t stand upright inside. Which meant that dressing, washing, cooking and the like all had to be done on our knees. Ten years ago this wasn’t a problem. Now, however, by the time we got Horatio back, we both had knees like eighty-year-olds. 

It actually took the garage seven days to fix the pump. Seven days of crawling around on our hands and knees in a damp tent. Sharing our bed with fidgety dogs, so no sleep to speak of. And because it was raining most of that week I couldn’t even take the dogs out all day.

Nik and I have now decided that our tenting days are over.

We are definitely of an age where we want a proper bed to sleep in now if we are to be able to move the next morning.

On the plus side. We were expecting the garage bill to be upwards of £2500 because it took so long and was a specialist job. So it was a nice surprise when the bill only came to £800. That soothed our aching knees.

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