What plants do well in a motorhome

What plants do well in a Motorhome?

We have spent the past two years experimenting with keeping plants in a motorhome. Fresh herbs are wonderful but for the most part, don’t last very long. If you choose house plants, where would you put them that has enough light yet adds ambience to your home on wheels? You have the added problem of how to stop them falling whilst on the move. Do you build a shelf that holds them tight or move them to a safe place everytime you move on? For us, plants are a must where ever we live. Which leaves us constantly asking the question, What plants do well in a motorhome?

We haven’t solved the problem of how to hold plants still whilst on the move, we’re considering glueing the pots in place. For the moment though, we place them in the kitchen sink for safety while we’re travelling. We still haven’t purchased ambient plants for our living space because we are still in search for the perfect green companions. So when we were asked to add the infographic below to one of our blogs we couldn’t resist. It is, after all, something that interests us and many of our readers. 

Do you have any of these plants in your home on wheels? we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

Ideal plants to keep in your motorhome, courtesy of Comfort Insurance

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