week in Dorset

Wet week in Dorset

We left home at 5 pm for a week in Dorset and drove to Dartmoor. Took a wrong turn on the moors so missed the spot where I wanted to park. We drove down some very narrow steep roads. Eventually, we ending up near Emsworthy Barn. Had lasagne for tea. After tea I went for a walk up the nearest tor to have a look at the view. Nno one else wanted to come.
Crazy golf, Lister Gardens, Lyme Regis
Crazy golf, Lister Gardens, Lyme Regis

I woke up at 6 am it was very foggy so I went back to bed till 7.45am. I walked down to the barn then up and over three tors and back to the van for 9.15am0. Everyone else was still asleep. After breakfast, we drove to Lyme Regis, our first stop of the week in Dorset. Walked around the harbour, along the seafront and through the town. We really like Lyme Regis and would like to return and spend more time investigating the area.

Rang around the local CL sites for a place to spend the night. Found a spot at Oakdene. Little Dunster Farm just outside Bridport. It’s cheap at £7.50 with electric. A Nice spot next to a field of cows, with cute little calf and a bull. I hope to get a good photo in the morning, played Yahtzee all evening, I lost every game.

2cd July 2012
We woke to rain and fog, I had a wash and flooded the bathroom. I took the sink apart and found a chunk of wood blocking the drain. I have no idea where it came from. We drove to Dorchester and looked around the shops. We thought there would be more touristy type shops. Still raining. We drove to Monkey World, (Marisa really wants to go) so we would be close if the weather improved. We found a place to free park on Bloxworth Heath near the Woolsbarrow hill fort. It was quite nice under the trees. For tea we had Tesco’s chicken breasts with Madeira sauce it was really delicious. After tea I went for a walk around the hill fort, still raining.

3rd July 2012
I woke up at 6 am, a grey day so went back to sleep till 8.30am, raining again. We went to Swanage, it would be nice in the sunshine. The car parking was really expensive at £6.50 for 4 hours, the girls found a really good hippy shop. We had pasties and cream cakes for lunch. We went to a CL site for the night as we needed to refill water. Trigon Farm is quite expensive at £9 a night without electric. However, it would be a really wonderful place to stay if it was sunnier weather. It’s a large field surrounded by woods and a meadow with walks to the heathland. Saw some deer. We almost got stuck when we arrived, the field was so wet but the track at the top was fine.

4th July 2012
We woke up to better weather but raining again by 9.30am. I went for a short walk and saw a deer. After breakfast, we drove to Bere Regis. Nothing there so we went to Tolpuddle, nothing there either. So we drove to Asda on the outskirts of Poole to buy dinner. The weather had improved by the time we came out so we raced back to Monkey World. Heavy rain by the time we got there.

We went to the place we had free parked two days ago. A man from the Forestry Commission came and told us we were not allowed to stay overnight. They are such nice people, they must stop anyone from enjoying themselves. So we went back to the CL site at Trigon Farm. The sun came out early evening so Serena and I went for a walk over Lower Hyde Heath. Really nice.

Chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes on a pole
Chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes on a pole

5th July 2012
We woke up to a grey sky but at least it’s not raining. The sun was trying to come out and it was warm. The sun did come out mid morning and it turned into a really nice day. So, we went to Monkey World. It was pretty good. Hard to get many good photos as the monkeys are in high wire enclosures. We bought a toy monkey from the shop for the van.

We drove to Corfe Castle in the afternoon and walked around the village. Thought there would be more there for such a big tourist attraction. I found the station in time to get a photo of the steam train coming in. The engine was the wrong way round but happy to have got a good picture. Booked into a CL site near Weymouth for the night. Since the Caravan Club book was written a bypass has been built which made all the instructions wrong but we found it eventually. 

Steam train at Corfe Castle, Dorset
Steam train at Corfe Castle, Dorset

6th July 2012
Woke up to cloudy skies hopefully it will brighten up later, When we tried to leave we found the van had sunk overnight and we were stuck, then I stalled the van and it would not start again. The owner came with his tractor and pulled us out and gave us a jump start at the same time, he even gave us a pound discount on the fees for getting stuck. We went to Morrisons at Weymouth and bought dinner and filled up with diesel, the garage was really busy with long queues and the van wouldn’t start somewhat worrying. But it did start on the next try. We drove to Portland Bill lighthouse, still raining. I had a walk around but the others stayed in the dry. It would be nice on a sunny day.

Portland Bill, Dorset
Portland Bill, Dorset

We rang around for a CL site and booked into Warmstall Farm at Chideock, It is down some very narrow lanes and when we got there we almost got stuck on the edge of the grass at the entrance so we left and went to Broadlands in the same village, expensive at £13.50 a night with electric but at least its firm and flat, hopefully, we won’t have any problem leaving tomorrow. it’s a fifteen-minute walk to the beach from here so hopefully, I can get to walk there tomorrow if its dry, Mother rang to say there was a  severe weather warning for the area.

7th July 2012
Heavy rain all night, field very wet. We decided to return home, the journey was difficult the roads were flooded the rain was heavy, it got better when we got into Cornwall, the A35 which we drove along was closed for a week just after we left.
Heavy rain all night



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