Wet visit to Yeovil

Prunus spinosa, Sloe friuts, Somerset, UK
Sloe fruits, Somerset, UK

Well, I think we can safely say that August is the worst month of the summer. Yet again the weather has been awful. This is starting to frustrate Nik as it means the only really good pictures he can get are moody scenery, wildlife or plant life. This style of photo belongs to a niche market and although he gets much more satisfaction from the end product, it doesn’t produce constant sales.

Just to add to the frustration this week Katie was coming away with us and we really wanted to give her a good time. It’s jolly lucky that she’s just as happy to sit and read all day as we did manage to get rained in quite a lot.

Having searched the weather from the bottom of Cornwall all the way up to Gloucestershire and Worcestershire we came to the conclusion it was going to be wet and stormy everywhere. So instead of picking our destination by weather this week, we chose our destination by finding a campsite that had the best-looking walks, (that we hadn’t already done). We ended up just outside Yeovil and prayed that the storms wouldn’t be quite as bad as predicted.

Our site was a mile from Yeovil and 5 minutes from Yeovil junction and the possibility of a trip to Sherborne if the weather wasn’t too bad. There are also many public footpaths through the surrounding countryside to explore. On our first evening, we walked a footpath that took us downhill into Stoford. Whilst it is a pretty little village there isn’t much of it. We weren’t upset as we were really only stretching our legs and walking the dogs before settling in for an evening of thunder and lightning, which thankfully didn’t appear.


We awoke to a very dreary day that looked very much like it was going to get worse, so we decided that we would pack our ‘just incase’ bags and follow a footpath in the general direction of Yeovil and see how far we got before the rain came.

Jack the Treacle Eater one of four Barwick Park follies, near Yeovil, Somerset, UK
Jack the Treacle Eater one of four Barwick Park follies, near Yeovil, Somerset, UK

One of the reviews on our campsite mentioned being able to see a monument to Jack the Treacle Eater, one of four Barwick Park Follies in the distance but as it didn’t mention what direction it was in and how distant it was we weren’t expecting to walk out of the door in the morning and get a magnificent view of it almost just across the hedge. It was also a very nice surprise to realise that the footpath we’d chosen to walk led us straight to it. The monument is a magnificent specimen of architecture almost in the middle of nowhere.

Our walk started along a bridle path crossed a road into a field and then followed a footpath through a woodland, which mostly followed the edge of the road that to Yeovil and gave us plenty of countryside to gaze at. We ended up at Yeo Leisure Park just on the outskirts of the town. There was ample parking there; sadly motorhomes wouldn’t be able to park, as there is a very low bridge to go through. There is a Bowlplex Bowling, Cineworld and Pizza Hut to occupy a rainy day if you’re that way inclined. We continued on into the town centre, which is pretty big but somewhat run down. It does look as though there has been some rejuvenating in the upper part of the town, but the overall impression is that it’s in need of some tender loving care.

We did manage to fill our day however as there are plenty of charity shops to be visited and I was still on the lookout for old jewellery with pretty beads and charms to complete my fly screen/curtain. I also have another project at its beginning stage, which requires smallish peaces of material, and charity shops are the perfect place to find what I’m looking for. Katie was looking for books. She’d brought three books with her but because the weather was so terrible was almost at the end of book two and felt she needed some backups, just incase. Nik has many items on his list that he is constantly on the lookout for, most of which go by the description of quirky and don’t necessarily come from charity shops. So between the three of us, we managed to look in almost every shop and thoroughly tired the dogs and ourselves before heading back to Daisy.

We managed a whole day out without getting rained on, but considered ourselves very lucky, because we can’t have been back more than ten minutes and the heavens opened up and it continued to rain for the rest of the evening and all through the night. Someone up there was looking after us for the day.


Well, what can I say? It rained and rained and rained. Other than taking the dogs for a walk morning and evening we didn’t go out. It was unanimously decided that the day was Yuk and didn’t deserve our company. So Nik caught up on a bit more of the boring part of photography. Katie curled up under her duvet and spent the day reading and I spent the day adding beads and charms to the fly curtain. When I was happy and considered it finished I was told by both Nik and Katie that it looked lovely but it wasn’t finished as the charms don’t yet meet and therefore don’t jingle. Hey Ho! Gives me an excuse for more jewellery shopping.

The weather didn’t improve much on Saturday so after walking the dogs we made a slow journey back home, where we discovered the sun had put in an appearance for us. A Happy ending to the week.

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