wells next the sea

Wells next the sea, Norfolk

wells next the sea
wells next the sea beach car park

Knowing Nik’s passion for beach huts we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to revisit Wells next the sea.  

We have a vague memory of being turned away from the beach car park the last time we visited Wells next the sea. We hoped that as we weren’t into tourist season yet this wouldn’t be the case today. Thankfully, we weren’t turned away this time. However, the spaces are very uniform and aren’t big enough for anything other than a large car. We found a space with a broken bit of fence allowing us to overhang another space. Also should note that it was £6.50 to park for 4 hours.

Wells next the Sea is a popular tourist town well known for its long sandy beach and unusual beach huts. Situated in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Wells is a part of the Holkham Estate.

As the tide comes in very fast an old war siren is used to warn those of the beach of the incoming tide. The siren sounds about 5–10 minutes before the tide is predicted to take over the beach to allow users to vacate the area safely.

wells next the sea

Fun Fact!

It can cost as much as £420 a week to rent a beach hut at Wells next the sea.

Starting at Wells beach we walked to Holkham bay. Nik taking photos until we ran out of beach huts. The wind was quite biting today so when we reach Holkham bay we walked back through the pine wood. 

Interesting Fact.

The pinewood was planted between 1853 and 1891 to stabilise the sand dunes and protect the field behind them from flooding.

Whilst walking through the wood I saw a muntjac deer slowly wanter along the edge of the wood where it meets the sand dunes. First time I’ve seen one that wasn’t in a park. 

The woodland is 3 miles long with paths crisscrossing all the way through it. It is obviously an established dog walking area for the locals but we only really saw people in the distance. 

We finished our day with a walk along Abraham’s Bosom Lake which is at the far end of the car park. 

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