We rarely end up where we plan. Paignton

We started the day intending to visit Torquay, as we haven’t been there for over 20 years. The weather report wasn’t brilliant and we thought if all else fails we could wonder the town center. However, we had trouble finding parking for Daisy both around the town and at the seaside. I’m sure there must have been some spaces somewhere that could accommodate a motorhome we just couldn’t find them. While we where searching we drove along the coast a bit and before we knew it we were in Paignton looking across Preston Green at rows and rows of beach huts and to top it all there was Daisy sized parking. So that’s where we stayed. The sun was mostly out but the wind was bloomin cold. So it was woolly hats and winter coats for our walk along the beach. This is a lovely red sand beach, which looks beautiful in the sun. We had a wonder along the pier which is full of amusements and slot machines, so not for us but I can see it amusing children for hours. On the opposite side of the road is Paignton’s Geoplay Park, which is a fantastic play area for young children with all sorts of modern styled climbing frames, slides and such. We would have loved this when our children where small.

We thought we’d go investigate the town center next as we were starting to get very cold and we where hoping it wouldn’t be quite so windy in town. The town is only a short walk from the pier depending on which route you take, less than a minute. It’s not an overly large shopping center but there are all the usual holiday resort shops, plus the usual suspects, in fact, just big enough for us. The bonus for us was spotting The Bishops Palace up one of the small streets near the far end of the shops. Fantastic architecture we just had to investigate.
We then decided to go have a look at the harbour, unfortunately the tide was out by this time so the pictures wouldn’t be as good. Gives us a good excuse to go back another day.

We had far more trouble than we expected at this time of the year, finding a place to sleep for the night. There aren’t as many sites around Torbay as we had expected. Those that we could find just weren’t answering the phone and some had water logged sites, so we ended up going all the way to Kingsbridge for the night. Stayed on a site that we had been to a few years back, the weather was the same then as well. Oh dear. We discover that Nik had forgotten his Pjs this evening, (a must when out at this time of year), he also realised that when in Daisy at this time of the year he‘d really quite like some slippers. I had to keep mine on my feet or risk loosing them all night. So guess we’ll be shopping for both tomorrow.

Well it rained and rained and rained some more last night, and it was so windy that Daisy was rocking like a boat all night long. So it was a very nice surprise to wake up in the morning to a bright sky that was hinting at sunshine. Daisy does like to give us a scare every now and then, so she pretended to be stuck when we tried to set off, and kept up the game just long enough for us to consider asking the farmer next door to pull her out before she decided to get moving. Little minx.

As the weather was turning out to be unseasonably good we decided to re visit Dartmouth for the day, with less people about we thought it might be easier to get photo’s. The sun stayed out for most of the day and we managed to find things we hadn’t seen on our last visit, so all was good with our world. We did have to finish the day with a visit to Sainsbury’s to get Nik some Pjs, alas no slippers yet.

Off home tomorrow, so we’re just planning to have a wonder around Kingsbridge for the morning, as we both find the scenery is good for the soul.

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