Updating OnTourWithDaisy

While Nik is busy earning enough money to buy a new motorhome and go on a long journey. I am busy updating our ontourwithdaisy.  

So far I have changed our server, put up the old blogs and gone through all the places pages and made them far more comprehensive, hopefully, making them easier and more enjoyable to read. I have discovered other places that we’ve visited that for some reason didn’t get written, whilst updating. It will take me a while to get through them and link them to the appropriate ontourwithdaisy blogs.

I’m also still finding my way around the control panel of our new server, and finding out what works and doesn’t so don’t be surprised if for the next month or so the look of the site keeps changing. I don’t think you will get emails every time I update a page. If you do, I’m sorry, please bare with me a while longer.

Once that is done I can get back to reviewing travel books that Nik has read.


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