Tintagel, Cornwall

Vicarage Cottage, Tintagel, Cornwall, UK

Tintagel is a small village on the north coast of Cornwall, famous for its castle. Associated with the legends of King Arthur and the round table.

Taking advantage of the nice weather and quiet times, we decided to take a picnic to Tintagel. As with our visit to Padstow, our hope was to get some photos without people. The new bridge leading to the castle has been completed. So, Nik wanted some photos while there was no one walking across it.

So what’s at Tintagel for its visitors? 

There are plenty of car parks in the village, one of the biggest at the visitors centre just on the edge of the shopping area. In fact, the amount of car parks in comparison to the number of shops is quite disproportionate. Which just shows you how many people come to the village to visit the castle.

Tintagel Old Post Office
Tintagel Old Post Office, a 14th-century stone house, Cornwall, UK

There is a hardware shop, mystical trinket shops, a chemist, cafes, tea rooms and at least one sandwich shop and gallery.  I also saw several pubs and B&Bs and an Italian restaurant and a chippy. There’s a toy museum and the Old Post office, owned by the National Trust. I’m sure I must have missed some things out.

We intended to start our day by parking in the visitors centre and walking through the town before walking down to the castle. At some point during our journey, we changed the plan and decided to park by the church above the castle.

 St Materiana's Church, Tintagel
War memorial at St Materiana’s Church, Tintagel, Cornwall, UK

St. Materiana’s Church sits just back from the cliffs above the entrance to the castle. It’s thought that the current church was built in the 11th – 12th century. The church features Norman doors and has an unusually large churchyard.  It is a beautiful old church and well worth a visit.

It would appear most of the locals decided to park here so we were very lucky to find a space. Obviously, as we were there we had to have a wander around the churchyard. The church itself was closed. We then followed the lane back to the village and spent a little longer than we should have drooling over the old houses we passed.

As expected the shops and cafes were all closed which gave Nik the perfect opportunity to get some photos of the Old Post office. Before turning around and heading for the Castle. 

Start of the path to Tintagel Castle

Getting to Tintagel Castle you must walk down quite a steep path. Usually, a landrover is available to help visitors that would struggle.However, as the castle is closed at the moment the landrover isn’t available.

Going down has never been a problem for me but even at my fittest, getting back up that hill leaves me with jelly legs. I wasn’t concerned though as our plan was to have our lunch at the bottom, get some people-free photos and walk up the path beside the entrance. Stopping along the way for many photos.

So we got to the bottom, enjoyed our lunch with a beautiful view. Nik got some fab photos and we started our walk back to the top. This is where I realised that being stuck in a campervan for many weeks without much exercise has affected my fitness. Halfway up we stopped so that Nik could get his photos of the new bridge. This was a welcome relief for my legs and it isn’t even a particularly hard climb. Oh well, it gives me a good excuse to go climb some mini-mountains.

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