The end to a long winter

It feels like forever since we last spent the night in Daisy. What a dismal winter we’ve all had this year. We, however have not been idly waiting for the weather to improve, the time has been put to good use finding and making accessories that will make Daisy a more cosy home from home. New curtains are being made for the doors by Nik’s lovely Mum. We managed to find a fantastic fly screen for those hot summer evenings when we want the main door open. Nik finally found the perfect barometer, which he re-housed in an old bit of drift wood. And we managed to find the prefect backing for my new clock. A solar panel has been installed on Daisy’s roof, meaning we wont have to stay on sites with electric quite so often. Oh and my big project of the winter was making the tea-light candle and flower pot heater. Although we are already members of The Caravan Club we also joined the Camping and Caravaning Club to give ourselves more options this year. All of which got their first trial run this weekend.

Newlyn harbour, Penzance, Cornwall, UK
Newlyn harbour, Penzance, Cornwall, UK

We decided for our first trip we’d visit Penzance as although we’ve driven through on many occasions, we’ve never taken the time to stop and look around. The girls were more interested in getting rid of us for the weekend than joining in, so we had the weekend to ourselves.

We started our day by parking in a little car park by the skate park, which cost us £1 for the day. We then walked along the promenade towards the Docks. Unfortunately I was in the process of going down with the flue (which I wasn’t aware of at the time, aside from being incredibly cold and achy), so I didn’t really take in as much as I usually do. Nik had fun photographing the Dock and boats within, then we wondered around the town centre for a few hours. Penzance isn’t really a tourist town it’s a working harbour with the ferry to the Isles of Scilly here and a town center with all the usual shops. Penzance like many of the Cornish seaside towns was a victim of the seasons storms, the Jubilee Pool has been damaged, the promenade has lost paving and railing and part of the gardens is fenced off because of damage, so it was all looking a little bit unloved while we were there.

After spending the day wondering Penzance we made our way back to Daisy for a little rest and refreshment before heading off in the opposite direction and Newlyn Harbour. It was late afternoon and the sun was starting to loose it’s heat. We had no expectations, we were just not yet ready to go find our site for the night and settle down, so when we got to the harbour it was a lovely surprise. Not everyone’s cup of tea I know, as it is a working harbour but having spent a good percentage of my childhood in and around harbours I find there is something so peaceful and romantic about wondering through one in the early evening as the sun goes down. Just to make things better there is also a little lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour which Nik had to photograph, so all was good with our world.

Our site for the night had a spectacular view across the fields down to Penzance Harbour. Truly worth seeing. Unfortunately that’s pretty much the extent of my participation in the rest of the evening as the flue kicked in shortly after cooking our tea and I spent the rest of the night tossing, turning and running my own private marathon of aches, pains, cold sweats and hot sweats. Much to Nik’s disappointment I was not much better come the morning so we gave up and came home so I could finish dying in my bed. Whilst I was cooking dinner though Nik did manage to get a walk in around our site, the fields were all filled with daffodils and he managed to get some pretty cool pictures.

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