Tea-light candles Flower pot heater

Tea-light candles Flower pot heater.

Neither Serena or I like gas heaters for any length of time as they leave us both fuzzy headed. So this winter the search has been on for an inexpensive alternative method of heating Daisy. We discovered a Youtube video for a tea-light candles flower pot heater and had to give it a go.

Home made heater using tea-light candles and flower pots
Home made heater using tea-light candles and flower pots

After investigating all the different options we decided that we had to make ours personal to us. So we started by searching the beach for the perfect piece of driftwood. There was plenty to choose from after the storms that have been battering our coastline this year.

Next, we wondered down to the garden centre to purchase four terracotta flower pots. Each slightly smaller than the other with matching dishes.

The problem of raising the pots above the candles was solved when we found a metal ring used for flower arranging. And four French yoghurt pots (gained from a previous holiday), that matched.

I fit all the pots together using nuts, bolts and washers so the hot air can circulate between them all. Next, I cut the wood to shape. Serena carved out the circles in the wood so that the pots sit snugly without sliding. For the finishing touches, Serena then carved pictures of turtles onto the outside pot. Total cost £10.

We use 4-5 tea light candles along with a scented candle. Alternatively, we put some water in the base with a drop of fragrant oil to add to the ambience. It hasn’t been tested in Daisy yet as she’s been in the garage waiting for a part. However, we did try it in our garage and found there is definitely a warming of temperature. Serena also likes to use it in our living room during the day rather than turn the heating on when there is no one else in the house. She says it does two jobs, takes the chill off the room and acts as an oil burner. This is her preferred method of air freshener when it’s too cold to open windows.

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