journey to Worcester, Yachts in the Bristol Channel

Slow journey to Worcester

I left home just before 8am on my slow journey to Worcester to pick up our son Lawrence.

My slow journey to Worcester took me first to Burnham-on-Sea. I parked on the sea front and walked around the bay from the yacht club. Past the pier to the lighthouse on legs on the beach. All in all, about 4 miles. I then drove down onto the beach for lunch, wonderful views out of the window. Then I went to the other end of the bay at Brean Down. Brean Down is a headland which juts out into the Bristol Channel with an old fort at the end. Built in the 1860s, and re-used during WW2. It is a steep climb up steps to the top but easy walking once you have got there.

I then Moved on to Weston-Super-Mare and walked along the sea front to the grand pier. I thought it was all a bit touristy and tacky for my tastes so drove round to Portishead. And parked on the Esplanade for the night. It’s a great spot for a night and its free. I watched the ships going past whilst eating dinner. It had been a long day so turned in early. It was blowing a gale, the van was gently rocking as I drifted off to sleep.

Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse
Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse

21st April 2012.
Woke at 6am and looked out of the windows to find it was grey and overcast. So went back to bed for an hour. After breakfast, I went for a long walk around the coast to the marina. Which is really nice. Then I carried on further around the coast, about an 8-mile round trip. After lunch I walked around the lake gardens then it started raining heavily so I rushed back to the van.

Drove to Little Malvern to see Edward Elgar’s grave. It isn’t the not the easiest place to find and parking is difficult. Then I found a place to park for the night on the Malvern Hills. Had an early night so I can get an early start in the morning.

Portishead Marina, Somerset
Portishead Marina, Somerset

22cd April 2012.
I got up at 6am, the weather was lovely, so I had a great walk around the hills. Went past Malvern College, an impressive looking place then drove up to Worcester and had a walk along the river with Lawrence. We then drove home.

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