life in a motorhome

Settling In to life in a motorhome

The last few days have been spent settling into our site while we wait to be free from work. I must serve an eight-week redundancy period before I can officially get on with ling life in a motorhome. One week down I have a feeling it’s going to be the longest seven weeks.

However, it will give us time to get used to life in a motorhome and sort out little bugs. The dogs seem to have settled in nicely, which is a relief as Ella was off her food at first.

Nik is working as a part-time chef in the local pub, another bonus. I’m sure he would very easily get bored without something to occupy him whilst waiting. The extra money will come in handy too. When he isn’t at work he has been sorting things out in Daisy and making her more user-friendly.

The most frustrating thing for us over the past few days has been the new laptop. First, it’s windows 8, which is Soooo frustrating all by itself. Then, of course, we had to download our anti-virus before I would let Nik go on the internet with it. This has proved to be the most aggravating trial. At the top of our little valley, we have limited service. And, because it’s quite windy up here keeps dropping out on me whilst I’m downloading. This means I have to start from the beginning every time.

Nik has picked a fantastic little CL site for us to stay on. We are surrounded by lush countryside, about 15 minutes walk from the coastal path and Welcombe’s little beach. There are so many footpaths and bridleways to explore. Some cross farmland others go down the other side of the valley into woodland. It’s going to take us a while before we feel the need to walk the pooches further afield.

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