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Nik’s working hard on Horatio. Self build.

Nik is working hard on our self build campervan. He has started building the framework for the kitchen, bathroom and living room space. Now I can finally see exactly what has been in his imagination all this time.

First, he needed to add an air vent to the roof in the bathroom area and replace the vent the bedroom, as the original leaked. He then installed the window in the living room. These three little jobs made him very nervous. He was very worried about getting the holes the correct size, so was very relieved to have those little jobs finished with no mistakes. Our self build is now in full swing.

He then moved onto the bathroom. The toilet and shower tray had arrived and he needed those to measure up. We have made the decision to have minimal bathroom space. This decision was taken after lots of discussion about what we really need.

And after living in old Daisy for almost two years with muddy dogs and wet summers we have come to realise that the most important feature is a wet room, where we can hang our coats and hand washed clothes can drip dry without us having to push our way past them to use the loo. Nik has built the shower room the size of the shower tray. Rather than add weight with two doors, it is part of the toilet and washroom. We have also decided that now we don’t  have children sharing the space with us we can save room and have a folding sink unit above the toilet. Because let’s face it, how much room do we need to wash anyway? So the framework is in place. 

Next up was the kitchen. The one thing that is impossible to live with in almost all campervans and motorhomes is the lack of preparation space in the kitchens. Nik is a chef by trade and I enjoy cooking. When cooking from scratch, you need to have space to work. Another good reason for us having a self build.

Currently, when I cook a meal, I have to cut everything on the stove and then balance it on the sink whilst it awaits its turn to be cooked.  For both of us, the kitchen is a no compromise area. A good work surface is a must for both of us, and therefore the kitchen area takes up most of the other side of the van. Nik has it cover to put tools on. This time I was unable to get a picture of this area.

Moving on to the lounge area. Horatio, isn’t all that long, again this was a choice made for compromise, as we spend a lot of time in small villages and parking up in Daisy has made life difficult. We have taken this into consideration and there will be plenty of storage space in the lounge. As you can see in the picture, there is also a bird cage. We have a small parrot. Marisa has been looking after him. Daisy doesn’t have the room. HIn Horatio we have made space to accommodate him. Nik misses his little friend. There will be storage space under the cage also. Beside the cage, we have our settee or the framework for it. It will also be our ladder to the bedroom.

And last is the steps that lead up to the settee. We haven’t wasted any of thi space either. The space below the steps will also be storage. The fresh water tank is also going under there, in the centre of the van. This will keep the weight is nicely balanced. We are going to have a small log burner to the right of this for warmth in the winter.

So that’s where we’ve got to at the moment, but just after I took these photos we had a delivery of our cooker, fridge, sinks, water heater, fresh water tank, the gas bottle and the electrics. So Hopefully next week I will be able to show you these things installed. Oh, and we have finally found a stable door that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, which should arrive on Monday. 

If you are enjoying reading about our self build project please do let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Wow Horatio is really coming along. Doing a great job Nik. Can’t wait to see him finished in all his glory.

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