The self-build project is finished! We can now live in Horatio

I say that Horatio our self-build campervan, is finally finished, but to be exact, he is finally livable. There are a few things left to do, mostly minor but we couldn’t wait any longer.

So, we worked out that to build our self-build campervan it has taken 5 months. Which, with variable days off it worked out to be approximately 44 days at 10 hours a day. Therefore, it has taken Nik roughly 440 hours to build Horatio.

Cost so far is:-
Purchase Price, vehicle repairs, service etc. £4590.83  For the full details of this see Meet Horatio, our self-build, Tiny Home

Total Build Costs so far is £ 6,080.59 brief rundown of costs:-

Electric Kit £528.22
Compressor Fridge £649.00
Gaslow Refillable Gas system £257.04
Fresh Water tank, heater, pump and piping £799.69
Sink £59.95
Cooker £440.00
Tap Plinth £19.95
Tip up sink £103.45
Shower Tap £87.95
Kitchen tap £43.50

LED lights x 7 £129.65
Toilet £329.95
Shower tray and Walls £58.47
Air vents x 3 £146.89
Seitz Window £299.00
Kitchen work surface £49.00
Table leg £78.99
Flooring £84.19
Insulation – van was insulated by past owner £50.82
Wood £750.69
Glue & Sealant £126.73
Locks £31.14
Wood Stain £58.19
Paint £109.47
Door Step £27.50
Furnishings £293.99
Miscellaneous £231.17
Gas fitting and testing £36.00
Electrical fitting and testing  £200.00

Grand Total £10,671.42

If you’d like to see blogs of the build in progress please click here

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