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Self build Camper Progress So Far

Nik has had some pretty hectic work commitments since buying Horatio. With only one day a week left for working on our self-build camper. So progress has been frustratingly slow.

It took five days (and therefore, weeks) and many trips to the dump just to remove all of the tiles, wood and other artistic, paraphernalia from the walls and floor. Not to mention the junk left by the previous owner. I’m pretty sure Horatio groaned with relief once the weight of it all was gone.

His previous owner had no idea about weight restrictions for a self-build camper. A large ceramic shower tray was sturdily glued to the floor. Not to mention that half the tiles he’d glued and screwed to the walls were thick, heavy metal.  😕 And that is just part of it.

Having achieved this, Nik could then start to put up the walls. A few places need insulation still. After much umming and aaahing, we decided to go with plywood boards for the walls. This is lighter than most other options. Most of the wall will be out of side once Nik has finished. We opted for white walls for the main living area. Darker warmer colour will make the interior feel too small and closed in once the units are built.

The over cab bedroom is going to be small no matter what colour we choose. Given this, we went for a nice warm colour that will hopefully help us feel cosy in the winter months.

As you can see from the main picture, Nik will be adding a window.

Under this, will be our settee. The theory being that we won’t need a ladder to go to bed. After all, I’ve had four children and night time toilet trips are always necessary. I really didn’t fancy trying to find a ladder in the dark.

Next, Nik started framing the side door and window that will be our kitchen window. Nik has added beams to strengthen the ceiling. Hence the reason for blue wood in all the pictures. They are currently holding the beams in place until the bathroom and other units are built to help with stability.

We have removed the original back doors because they were so heavy. Nik has built in walls instead, using plywood boards and insulation. We want a stable door at the rear, which we haven’t found yet, so Nik is working in the cold. The roller door and tailgate are our security for now. We are thinking of removing the tailgate at the end of the build because it is extremely heavy. For the moment, though, it does the trick.

We are keeping the receipts for all purchases. At the end of the build, I will do a post outlining the costs. That should be scary. 


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