Saving for a longer journey

DaisyThis year we won’t be travelling much at all, other than site hopping every 28 days, as we have decided to go back to work and start saving.

We travelled back to Portsmouth at the end of January to visit with a poorly relative. Whilst there the clutch went. Now there is much we could say about the RAC in regards to the whole experience, none of which would be particularly flattering. Instead, we’ll just stick to the main points. Which are that basically they had us towed to a garage in Havant who took two days to fix the clutch and charged us £750. Luckily we did have this as backup funds but we weren’t pleased, as we know that our own trusted garage would have been hundreds of pounds cheaper.

So when we got back to Cornwall Nik went to work for an agency to recoup the money. It turns out that at the moment there is a shortage of chefs. So, Nik was able to put the money back in only a couple of weeks. This started us thinking that it would be a good idea, while there’s work, for Nik to continue working. Get Daisy’s inner workings all spruced up and start saving for a proper tour in the old girl.

The MOT was due. Therefore, we had the garage give her a good going over and see what was likely to need doing in the near future.

So in all the costs where

Clutch – £750
MOT, which included fitting rear leaf spring assisters – £328
Front discs, pads, brake fluid and callipers – £354
Service – £125
Daisy is old, so we had to source the rear leaf spring assisters and callipers ourselves. The cost of these was
Callipers – £200
Rear leaf spring assisters – £300

Our garage is very good, they know we live in our motor home. So each piece of work started was always done so that we could have her back at the end of the day. It probably cost extra to do it this way, but when you factor in the cost of staying in a B&B to have it all done at once we’re pretty sure that our way was cheaper in the long run.

Having struggled to find parts for the old girl we now think it may be time to upgrade. We have now added this to the list of things we are saving for. We will still be taking holidays and updating the blog, especially about anything to do with motor home living.

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