Roche Rock

Horses in a field with the Cornish China Clay mines in the distance, Roche, Cornwall, UK
Horses in a field with the Cornish China Clay mines in the distance, Roche, Cornwall, UK

Well we’re definitely into British Summer Time. The weather has been dreadful. I did get one good weather day this week, which I took advantage of by getting all my washing done in the morning, then Katie and I took the dogs for a nice long walk together before we all met up at Marisa’s house for dinner.

I had a frustrating day on Monday trying to get the internet to work long enough to find somewhere for us to go this week. We did eventually get it back long enough for us to decide that we’d quite like to visit Roche Rock in Cornwall. Again the weather wasn’t going to be brilliant anywhere and we’ve been meaning to go look at the rock for ages. So we decided if the weather was going to be bad, as long as we got a good few hours without rain, Nik should be able to get some nice dramatic pictures.

I found a fantastic little site just off the A30 for only £5 a night with brilliant views of the clay mining hills in the distance and horses in the field next to ours. We didn’t have much to do before setting off but for some reason we left late and didn’t arrive until gone 4pm. We were the only residents of the site and the sun was out, so as soon as we’d settled in we went exploring. The roads that we travelled barely had any traffic on them, which was a bit of a godsend because we didn’t find a single bridle path or footpath. We did find a lovely local with a dog who gave us an idea for walking on another occasion, which was nice.


We did indeed wake up to an over cast day, which we were expecting. It was thankfully dry so we packed a lunch and set off for Roche. We’d had a look at the map a decided that it was definitely close enough to walk. There are two routes we could have taken, one would take us to the rock in about a mile and a half, the other was about two and half miles. After talking to the owner of our site we decided to take the longer route as the roads weren’t as busy and there are no pavements until you get into Roche. It’s a really quite pleasant walk along country lanes, mostly under trees. We did, we think, take a slightly wrong road on the way, which meant we ended up in a housing estate in Roche, but this wasn’t too far away from the Rock and had pavements, also Nik had fun taking pictures of flowers, so we didn’t mind.

Roche Rock its self is on the edge of one of the last bits of heath land left in the area and is a bit of geological mystery, as it isn’t made of granite, but quartz and black tourmaline. Which is apparently why the rock sticks up, and has the remains of some old ruins at the top, which no one really knows the origins of. Either way, it is a wonder to behold, if you enjoy looking at big rock formations, and we do.

Just to add some entertainment for us when we arrived there were some rock climbers doing their thing on the sides of the rock. This gave Nik some extra subject matter for his photos. We stopped and had our lunch here whilst gazing at some stunning heather growing on the rocks. The whole area is also filled with bracken, which really does add to the scene. By the time we’d finished our lunch and watered the dogs the climbers had finished which gave Nik the opportunity to take some photos without them getting in the way. For us, it was well worth the walk.

Roche Rock, Cornwall, UK
Roche Rock, Cornwall, UK


Well we knew the weather was going to be bad but we had hoped that it wouldn’t turn out to be as bad as predicted. It was, so once we’d washed and dressed, we waited for a break in the rain and took the pooches for a walk. Oscar seemed to be on a mission to get the walk done as fast as possible and get back to old Daisy, he isn’t too keen on getting wet. As there is nowhere for us to safely let them off the lead for a run around we just took them for a wander along the lanes before going back to our field for a little game off chase the ball with them. Neither dog was overly keen but if we were going to get stuck inside with them most of the day we had to take the bounce out of Ella somehow.

We weren’t overly fussed about the weather as it gave Nik a chance to catch-up on some work. Because Nik is working a good 12 hours a day, 3 days of the week and we are out exploring when he isn’t Nik has a constant battle to keep up with his photo editing, and as this is mostly how we pay the bills we do occasionally need a rainy day so he can catch-up.

The weather stayed wet all day and all night so it was another small walk for the dogs and a forced game of ball and tug of war in the evening. The other occupants of our site had returned by the time we came back and our field isn’t the biggest we’ve stayed in, so we couldn’t play for too long as we didn’t want to disturb their peace.

Roche Rock, Roche, Cornwall, UK
Roche Rock, Roche, Cornwall, UK


We woke up to a bright sunny day but we had a lot to do today so we weren’t able to spend the day sight seeing. Luckily we walked the dogs before setting off for home as the A30 between Bodmin and Launceston has road works to widen the carriageway and we were in a road block and first gear for most of the four and a half miles it took us to get past it. We were the lucky ones though as the tail back on the opposite carriageway going towards Bodmin was twice as long.

We bought a basil plant to discourage the flies a few weeks ago and it has been working wonderfully. Last week however it started to develop holes in it’s leaves. We’d had a moth in the camper that we couldn’t catch before it disappeared so we thought this must be the culprit because we couldn’t see anything on the leaves. This morning we woke up to find the basil all but eaten over night. As I picked it up to throw it in the bin three little caterpillars dangled off the only remaining leaf so I threw the plant in a hedge in the hope they could find food there. At least we now know what was eating it and can safely, we hope, get a new one. Problems you wouldn’t think you’d suffer in a motorhome.

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