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Pictures of Horatio on purchase day. Our Tiny Home

Before Nik started turning Horatio into our tiny home, I took some photos of the interior and I thought I would just share them, for later comparison.

The man we bought him from was a youngish artist who was attempting to turn him into his tiny home. However, he didn’t actually travel anywhere, so I guess weight limits weren’t something he really needed to think about. Which is a good thing because everything on the walls is either thick, heavy metals, heavy ceramic or glass tiles and thick, heavy woods. Removing these items from the walls is going to be fun.

There is a shower cubicle with a standard sized heavy ceramic shower tray. Unfortunately, this was the first thing Nik removed. Which means I missed my opportunity to photographed it before Nik took it out. He also kindly left some of his furniture and other unwanted items for us to dispose of  🙄 

Anyway, here it is, it’s raining of course and please don’t forget I’m taking the photos at the moment so ignore the quality.

Extremely heavy back doors, which will have to go, covered in heavy artwork
The back of the shower, the walls were covered, in some places, in two layers of this heavy wood and tiles
Well made cupboards but the doors where a very heavy wood
The bedroom is behind here, with a small opening that had to be accessed with a step ladder. Again you can see the heavy tiles on the wall.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I can report on the progress of our tiny home. To follow progress on the build click here


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