Padstow, Cornwall

Padstow, Cornwall

Padstow Harbour, Cornwall, UK

Padstow is a small town and fishing port in the North of Cornwall. Famous for its Obby Oss day on 1st May and Rick Stein’s chip shop, restaurant & Deli. This quaint little harbour town is one of our happy places.

As much as I would like to write a blog without mentioning it. There is no getting past the fact that the UK has been in lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic. Nik and I are lucky. We are able to stay on a farm out of the way. Thank you to our Friendly Farmers! We even have access to a little woodland to walk the dogs. It doesn’t change the fact that we can’t see our children or spend the day wandering the countryside. We have finally been given permission by the powers that be to go outside for as long as we like.  Like freed prisoners, we packed a lunch and high-tailed it to Padstow.

So what does Padstow have to offer its visitors? 

A large car park at the top of the town to accommodate its many visitors. Normally this would be wall to wall cars, yet we’ve never had trouble parking. It is quite a steep walk downhill to the town though, so if you have trouble walking there are smaller car parks by the harbour.

There are tourist shops, of course. But not too many. Galleries filled with all types of art. Many food establishments, ice-cream shops, pasty shops, sandwich shops, a couple of pubs serving food. And the above mentioned famous chef’s establishments.

The harbour. Many of the food establishments surround the harbour along with benches everywhere for you to sit and enjoy the view while you eat. Beware the seagulls. Nik has had a whole pasty snatched from his hands by a cheeky seagull beside the harbour. Little ones can be seen sitting on the slipways trying to catch crabs with their purchased crab kits. And there are usually all types of boats and yachts to gaze at. At high tide, the harbour boat trips run from here too.

At the top of the town is St Petroc’s Church and Prideaux Place. A 15th century Manor house and estate.

national lobster hatchery
The National Lobster Hatchery, Padstow, Cornwall

To the south of the harbour are the Padstow level car parks. Follow along this route and you will find Rick’s chip shop and Deli and the National Lobster Hatchery and a bike hire shop as you have now reached the beginning of the camel trail. Walk or ride, this is a lovely scenic path stretching all the way to Bodmin via Wadebridge.

To the north of the harbour, you will find the common. A large grassed area filled with benches looking over the Camel Estuary. Parts of the common has been planted to wildflowers, however, there is plenty of space for picnicking families.  Follow along the coast path and past the monument and you have a beach to the right of you and farmers fields to the left. This part of the path is filled with nature and eventually leads down to the very sandy beach. 

The beach at Padstow isn’t close to a car park so never gets massively busy. When the tide is out you can walk on the sand from the common all the way to the end of the land. Keep an eye on the tide though as you can get trapped when it comes back in.

So why is Padstow one of our happy places?

There is just so much to see and do here. We can people watch around the harbour, walk along the camel trail or window shop. Nik can guarantee memory cards full of photos at the end of the day. We can walk along the coast path for a picnic on the beach or sit among the wildflowers watching the bees and the birds flitting by. Regardless of what we choose to do, because there is always so much to take in we seem to do it at a slower more relaxed pace in Padstow.

Knowing how popular it can get you’d think we were mad to go there during a pandemic. The sun was out and it was hot. The people of Cornwall have been deprived of their beach days. So we were counting on everyone choosing not to wander around a town where nothing is open. Instead, taking their families for a long-awaited day beside the sea. And we were not disappointed. 

Red-tailed bumblebee
Female Red-tailed bumblebee 

Nik was hoping to get some photos of the streets without people in. What we didn’t consider is that the streets are usually full of hanging baskets making them all look so pretty. However, with everything shut, there were no baskets to brighten up the place. Nik did get his photos, they weren’t quite how we were imagined them.

We then enjoyed a nice relaxing walk to the beach, sat among the wildflowers and had our lunch whilst trying to take photos of bumblebees. 




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