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Set off nice and early, as we were keen to spend as much time in Oxford as possible. We arrived at the site at 2.30pm to glorious sunshine. So as soon as we’d had a spot of lunch we went for a walk along the Thames. Following a map that was given to us at reception. The river is about ten minute’s walk from the site, probably less if you don’t dawdle as we did.
Iffley lock
Iffley lock

We walked along the river in the opposite direction to Oxford. We were planning to walk the other way tomorrow. This stretch is a very pretty walk past boathouses and the Isis Farmhouse Pub. The pub has as a huge garden looking out over the river. Shortly after the pub, we arrived at Iffley Lock. The prettiest most well-kept lock that either of us have ever seen. We finished our walk at Sandford-on-Thames also a very pretty lock.

There was lots of wildlife all along the walk. Grey-legged geese and their offspring, Canada geese, ducks, herons, a kite, a kestrel, cormorant, magpies and under the road bridge about 6 pairs of swallows catching flies and taking them back to their young. We stood and watched these for quite a while. Much to Nik’s pleasure. All the rowers had come out to practice, so  there was still lots of interesting things to take pictures of on the return journey.

 there was still lots of interesting things to take pictures of on the return journey.

There is a ‘Go Outdoors’ next to our site. Still open when we got back. Obviously, we had to go in. Just encase they were selling something we didn’t know we needed. It turned out that they had a coffee machine that runs off the cigarette lighter. Didn’t know we needed that, so had to have it. It does make a lovely cup of coffee. Although you have to keep swapping the cups around as it drips unevenly. Also it takes 20 minutes to make 2 small cups, but we like it. Dinner wasn’t ready until 9 o’clock which would have horrified Katie.

Friday 6th June

We woke up to glorious sunshine so we didn’t waste time getting ready to go out. Following the towpath along the Thames, we walked into Oxford. The closer we got to Oxford we were expecting to see lots of canal boats. We were quite wrong. It was actually very quiet along this stretch of the Thames.

Sandford Lock Sandford-on-Themes, Oxford
Sandford Lock Sandford-on-Themes, Oxford

The first thing we saw on reaching the town was Christ Church Meadow, which is huge. As Nik and I aren’t there to see the shops we made this our first place to investigate. The building is stunning, the planted gardens are beautiful and the parkland area is fabulous. We followed a path through an avenue of trees down to the river. Here we found a field with lovely old horned cows in it. So we had to stop and get some pictures. Further along the path, I saw my very first kingfisher dive into the river and flit among the trees. To say I had a big grin on my face for ages after would be a bit of an understatement.

Christ Church Meadow War Memorial Garden
Christ Church Meadow War Memorial Garden

We followed the path around until it came out at the botanical gardens near Magdelen bridge. Then had a fantastic time wondering through back streets looking at all the old buildings. Eventually, we ended up at the shops.

Here we took a leisurely stroll taking in the sites and the sounds. The buskers, of which there were many, were all brilliant, adding a fantastic ambience to the day.

Lunch was a very naughty apple and cinnamon crepe covered in cream. Which we followed with a delicious vanilla milkshake made up with at least half ice-cream, very naughty and very nice. We managed to visit all of the colleges and old buildings that we had hoped to see. Luckily the weather stayed dry and sunny for the day. By the time we got back to Daisy we were very happy, hot and somewhat shattered. We cooled down with strawberries and Greek yoghurt washed down with a nice glass of Rosé.

Saturday 7th June

buskerToday is the day we drive to Essex to collect Oscar. It was raining when we awoke. It must have rained quite a lot overnight. When we tried to leave we found the grass was too wet and we couldn’t get off it. After ten minutes of trying to use the footwell mats, Nik went to see if we could get a tow off the grass from reception. He came back with some borrowed grip mats which worked a treat. We had a little giggle and chat with a fellow camper about blogging this adventure before setting off.

The drive was all through rain so not much fun and we arrived an hour and a half early, so had to occupy ourselves when we were feeling excited to get Oscar. We travelled along the road a bit looking for something to do and found a garden centre. So in we popped in for a wonder. Think Nik may have regretted that decision. As we bought stuff that we hadn’t realised we needed until we went in.

Oscar a few hours after collecting him from the kennels
Oscar a few hours after collecting him from the kennels

Time well wasted, we finally went to collect our long awaited pooch. It turned out we should have arrived early. There were quite a few people there before us and they were giving dogs in order of arrival.

It took us two hours to get Oscar. The wait was absolutely worth it. Oscar is the most beautiful, well behaved and loving little dog anyone could ever want. He was so well behaved on the long journey home. And settled into our family, meeting hordes of people with such grace and style, no worries. He takes every new place, event and person in his stride. Life is an adventure and Oscar is happy to meet is head on. He is also one hundred percent a Daddy’s boy. Follows Nik absolutely everywhere which is fantastic to see.

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