Oat milk recipe

Oat Milk Recipe – Save over £400 per year – Vegan

oat milk recipe
1 litre of home-made oat milk
We chose to live in a campervan so that we could even out the work/life balance. Or rather tip the scales more toward life. Therefore, finding ways to continue to enjoy the good things in life whilst working less, has become our mantra. So finding and trying this oat milk recipe was a no brainer.

We realised that in general, we go through 1 litre of oat milk a day. That means we were spending at least £492.75 per year on cartons of oat milk. We also like to consider our environment where ever possible. Did you know that Alpro cartons are not recyclable? knowing this has weighed quite heavily on us because we try to live as environmentally friendly as we can. Not any more though, as all the equipment we use in this oat milk recipe is reusable over and over again.

We have also discovered that our chosen plant-based milk is also considered to be the most environmentally friendly. Here is a very short video by Chris Packham that explains the environmental benefits of drinking oat milk rather than one of the other plant-based options. https://www.facebook.com/ChrisGPackham/videos/2196654203920834/

Before we get on with the recipe here is a quick break down of cost and savings.

The equipment we needed to buy
Big mixing jug – £1.99
Big sieve – £2.99
4 x 1litre reusable bottles – £3.99each
Muslin – washable – £2.75

Cost of ingredients
So let’s break it down. I’m sure that buying in bulk from the internet or shopping around will gain even more savings. However, lack of storage in a camper negates the internet and petrol costs will add to your price for shopping around. Currently, Morrisons is our closest supermarket so I’m using their prices.

  • 1  x 500g bag of pitted dates is £1.85 in Morrisons. Working with the knowledge that we consume at least 1 litre of milk per day that means we need 17.38 bags per year. Total cost £32.15
  • 1 x 1kg bag of rolled oats is 75p in Morrisons. So at the rate of 1 litre of milk per day, we need 36.5 bags per year. Total cost £27.38
  • We didn’t bother to factor in the cost of salt per year as it’s something we always have available.
This makes our yearly cost for homemade oat milk £59.53. Giving us a massive yearly saving of £433.22

Following the initial oat milk recipe, we came across one big issue. This being that the author suggested straining the milk with cheesecloth. As a result, far too much oat sediment got into the milk giving it a porridge-like texture. That’s ok in cereal, milkshakes and white sauces but not what you want in your tea or coffee. As 90% of our consumption is in tea and coffee this was, therefore, a big issue for us. So we experimented with several items and found we got the best results using a sieve and muslin cloth. There is still a little sediment that settles at the bottom of the bottle, however, it is so little that we can live with that. So let’s get on with the recipe!

1lt Cold Filtered Water
100g Rolled Oats
4 Pitted Dates – cut into small pieces
Pinch of Sea Salt
oat milk recipe
First, pour the milk into a large bowl or jug through a sieve
  1. Weigh 100g of rolled oats into your blending tub.
  2. Add the dates and a pinch of salt. 
  3. Add 1 litre of cold filtered water.
  4. Blend on high speed until smooth.
  5. Strain your mixture into a bowl, through your sieve, making sure to get as much of the moisture out as you can.
  6. Lay your muslin cloth over your jug. Being careful not to let the muslin slip, pour the sieved mixture into the cloth. Carefully Squeeze every last drop of milk through the cloth. 
  7. Pour into a sterile container and store in the fridge for up to 3 days.


We have found that for us the amounts in the recipe make the perfect milk, however, Nik calls it skinny milk so you may like it with a little more oats. Also, after trial and error using honey and agave nectar as the sweetener, we settled on dates as I found the syrups made the milk too sweet for my coffee. 

Another good thing about this oat milk recipe is that you can feed the wildlife with the ground up oat and date mix.  Nothing gets wasted!


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