Mylor Bridge

Stepping stones across Mylor Creek,Mylor Bridge, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Stepping stones across Mylor Creek, Mylor Bridge, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
The weather was predicted to be pretty wet so we decided not to travel too far and just find a reasonably priced site with good walks. This actually proved to be quite difficult and we ended up not far from Falmouth at Mylor Bridge. Nik still wanted to be near a town or village that we hadn’t yet visited just in case. Hence the difficulty in finding a reasonably priced site that is open at this time of year.

Our site is situated on a hill above Mylor Creek. An offshoot of Carrick Roads. The reason for picking this site is a footpath not far from it. It leads down to the estuary/creek and into Mylor Bridge. The hope being that we could get a good few walks in with the dogs. And weather permitting, Nik can get some photos.

Yacht at sunset, Mylor Creek, Mylor Bridge, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Yacht at sunset, Mylor Creek, Mylor Bridge, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Mylor Bridge is a little village situated at the far stretch of the creek’s finger. With a little pub, post office, village store, newsagent, fishmonger and Butcher. The village lies within the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

When we arrived there was one other motorhome already there. The lovely Roxie, her people and two rescue dog. We found we had quite a bit in common. So spent a bit of time chatting dogs, motor homing and blogging about our respective adventures. Dreamin 2. They are at the very beginning of their adventures in Roxie, we look forward to reading how they get on.

Anyway, as we’d arrived quite late we took the dogs for a quick explore before it got dark. We ended up walking half way to Mylor Bridge before turning back. Nik spotted some good spots for photos should the sun put in an appearance on Thursday.


It rained in the night and as Nik had been working 11 hour days, 10 days straight. We decided to go for a very slow start to the day. Dare I say it we even had a little lay in, which is unusual for us. As Nik hadn’t been around much last week he still had a few DIY jobs to complete in preparation for the colder weather. Last night he fitted our lovely new flooring and in the morning, he fitted the last few LED lights. As a result, we didn’t make it out until gone 11am.

It was overcast but warm and dry so we had hope that our afternoon wouldn’t be cut too short. We followed along a footpath through a field that we’d found the evening before. By the time we’d reached the woodland path that follows the creek the sky was starting to brighten quite nicely. The walk along this path with the trees in full autumn colour. Beside the estuary with yachts bobbing in the water was beautiful and very peaceful.

Yachts moored on the River Fal, Mylor, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Yachts moored on the River Fal, Mylor, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Wondering down onto the shore where possible. Slowly making our way to Mylor Bridge. We’d hoped to get to Mylor during our walk but didn’t know how far we would have to walk along the side of the road. Instead, we explored the village we were in before slowly making our way back to Daisy. The sun did show its face as we were walking back so Nik retook a few pictures with the sun in them.

We just made it back as the sun was going down. It’s always a surprise to me how long it can take us to walk such a small distance when the sun is out when Nik is taking photos.


I woke in the night to the sound of heavy rain and the wind roaring around. Daisy was rocking like a boat. It was still lovely and warm inside, though. A good sign that all of Nik’s hard work to insulate Daisy had worked. It was quite a surprise to wake in the morning to find the rain had stopped and everything was again still and calm.

The day was a little foggy with a definite feel of rain in the air. When we set off for the day we were expecting not to get very far before it rained. We walked in the opposite direction along the wooded path towards the Pandora Inn.

Pandora Inn, Restronguet, Mylor, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Pandora Inn, Restronguet, Mylor, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

The Pandora Inn is a beautiful 13th Century thatched public house. Situated beside the Restronguet Creek. With tables on a pontoon that goes quite a way out. The ambience must be fantastic when the creek is filled with water.

So far we had only experienced a little drizzle and were having such a lovely walk that we decided to continue along the path. See where we ended up. All the way along this route is beautiful at this time of year; covered in orange and red fallen leaves. Edged by trees with tantalising views of the creek through their branches. The sound of wading birds following along our route. Few pictures were taken on this outing. Nik didn’t mind as we were having a most relaxing and enjoyable day.

We’re not sure exactly how far we walked or where we ended up. There were no signposts along the path. We do know for sure that we will be returning to the area. Probably in the spring.

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