Moved House

Moved House

We have just moved house to a beautiful little cottage, smaller than our previous home but we couldn’t resist this beautiful little place.

It is amazing how much time it takes up just boxing things up and then finding them new homes once moved. Pretty much the whole of the month was spent on this task. We had a lot of downsizing to do as well. The garage was Nik’s photography room and every wall was filled with shelves of props. Somehow we managed to find good storage for it in our new home, proving where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We were also without the internet for two weeks after moving, as although we informed our provider a month before the move, BT who own the line needed six weeks notice to flick a switch in the little box. Makes you wonder how they are still so popular.

So now we have moved, prized everything into its place, prepped the new home for the arrival of Oscar, which will soon be upon us, and are ready to start travelling again.

Oxford is planned for the weekend we pick up Oscar, so watch this space.

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