Marlborough and the Savernake Forest

Camping in the Forest, Postern Hill Campsite, Savernake Forest, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK
Camping in the Forest, Postern Hill Campsite, Savernake Forest, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

The last three days have given us beautiful sunshine, leaving us feeling like we were actually experiencing summer. Unfortunately, it was set to change on Wednesday. I’m starting to wonder if Nik has upset the weather Gods as this is becoming a bit of a theme.

Determined to enjoy our three nights away we opted for a long drive to Wiltshire and The Savernake Forest. It was absolutely pouring with rain the whole journey and being the summer holidays there were quite a few tailbacks to be navigated, so it took us just under four hours to reach our destination, thoroughly bored with driving.

We stayed at the Postern Hill Campsite just outside of Marlborough thinking that at least if the weather isn’t fantastic we’ll have a pretty little town to wander and 2,750 acres of woodland to explore. The site warden was a little concerned that we might sink into the grass as it had become so wet and offered us the only hard-standing pitch that was on the site, unfortunately it was completely surrounded by trees which wouldn’t have been good for our solar panels so we ended up parked on the part of the site which is reserved for motorhome storage. This seemed a bit like a bad position from her point of view but for us it was perfect. The pitch is just on the outer ring of the site with plenty of open sky to charge the batteries and the only thing that is parked near us is a stored motorhome. Everyone else on the site is parked pretty close to each other and we have plenty of space. Just how we like it.

Once we’d had a cuppa we braved the rain and took the dogs to explore the forest before it got too dark. With access to the wood straight off the site, it took us less than a minute before we were enjoying the sites, smells and sounds. Initially, we kept the dogs on their leads as we weren’t sure how much wildlife would be crossing our path and Ella has a habit of running after bunnies and deer without any thought to where she is going, and we didn’t want to lose her in an unknown area. At home she does this a lot but because we know the area we know where she’s likely to end up and so have no problem retrieving her.

White Rd Oak, historic old oak tree in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, UK
White Rd Oak, historic old oak tree in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, UK

We had a fantastic walk despite the rain, exploring all the little paths from one clearing to another and went back to Daisy feeling wonderfully refreshed.


The weather wasn’t fantastic but it was dry so after walking the dogs Nik and I headed off for a few hours in Marlborough. We left the pooches behind as we felt it would be better for them not to be dragged from the outside of one shop to the next. The walk into town from our site started with a path through the woods but all too quickly we had to walk along pavements beside a busy road to finish our journey, which left us quite relieved that we’d opted not to bring the dogs.

Old houses by the green, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK
Old houses by the green, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

We visited Marlborough for a morning last year with the girls and felt that it needed a little more investigation. One of the things that we quickly noticed whilst there this time was that everything is wildly over priced. There must be a lot of tourists and stupidly well-off people shop in the town as even the charity shops wanted silly money for everything. I think last time none of us were really shopping so prices weren’t noticed. Still, it is a lovely little town with some very quirky shops to visit and when we got bored we bought ourselves some lunch and sat beside the river watching the ducks.

We then went to have a look at The Common, which is at the top end of town, in the hope of finding something there to take some photos of. Well now, what a lovely surprise for Nik, we just happened to be visiting at the same time as the circus and they were all set up on The Common. It was a bit early for a show but all of the wagons, caravans and vehicles were the same colour and circled around the big top so Nik had a fine old time getting some photos before we headed back to our site and two excited dogs desperate for us to take them on their second walk.

Giffords Circus wagons and caravans, Marborough, Wiltshire, UK
Giffords Circus wagons and caravans, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK


It was never looking good, weather-wise, for the day so we were just happy to get in a nice dry walk. The sun did come out on and off and luckily we took our ‘just incase’ bag as we ended up walking for nearly four hours. When we’d looked on google.maps we discovered an area in the forest where three roads crisscrossed and formed an aerial view of a hexagon. As it wasn’t a bad day we decided to go find this area and see if it would produce some good photos. Unfortunately, it didn’t and once we reached the area we realised we’d actually walked to the spot last year from a caravan club site we had stayed on. Still, we’d had a lovely walk through the woods and felt very happy with what we’d managed to achieve on a day that wasn’t supposed to be too fantastic.

Large fungi growing by stump of a tree, Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, UK
Large fungi growing by stump of a tree

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Nik catching up on pc part of his job and gave me the perfect opportunity to get started on my next project. Nik wants some bunting and no matter how long we’ve been looking for we can never find one that is perfect, so he has tasked me with the job of finding the material and making it. Easier said than done if you’ve never done it before, but I enjoy a good challenge.


As is often the case on Saturday we awoke to glorious sunshine, so we made haste to get out with the dogs and enjoy as much of it as we could before starting our journey back. We didn’t want to leave too late as we had to go around Bristol and even in the winter on a Saturday there is congestion.

As predicted getting past Bristol was a nightmare and it took us five hours to get back to our field. It was obvious when we arrived that there had been some weather while we were away. In all the time we’ve been staying there I’ve never seen the field so squelchy. Nik had a little trouble just getting to the closest end of the field. It was at least not raining on our arrival. Unfortunately, it started raining shortly after we got back from walking the dogs and didn’t stop for days; we’re not looking forward to having to move next week.

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