Long Rock, Marazion and Penzance

Long Rock, Marazion and Penzance

The weather forecast for this week wasn’t that brilliant, so we have decided to revisit Long Rock and the surrounding area, weather permitting, with a view to catching up on some work if it does actually rain.

We’re staying in a lovely little Caravan Club site within walking distance to the beach, which we stayed in 5 years ago with the girls.

Small public garden with a fountain of two dolphins over looking St Michael's Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, UK
Small public garden with a fountain of two dolphins over looking St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, UK

As is usual for us on a Wednesday we had quite a bit to do before we could set off so we didn’t arrive until 4.30pm. The sun was still out though so we parked up as quicky as we could and headed off to the beach. The first thing we discovered was that the beach we wanted to walk on was a dog free zone between 8am and 7pm. Before booking I checked to be sure that dogs are allowed on the beaches here, what I hadn’t realised was that the beach we were planning to walk wasn’t Long Rock Beach. Ho Hum. We walked to Marazion along the coast path instead. We’ve been here a few times before so we weren’t worried about getting to the shops before they shut, we were just enjoying the walk. Nik obviously had fun retaking his pictures of St. Michael’s Mount as we wandered along.

As we’d set out so late by the time we reach Marazion it was just past 7pm so we could walk back along the lovely long beach.


We walked to Penzance along Long Rock Beach, which goes almost all the way, when it ran out we walked along the coast path which takes you to the train station by the harbour. Yes indeed there is a train station for Nik to enjoy. As we’d been here a few times before we weren’t looking for anything specific to do, just having a wander and a revisit for a day out. Although I did pop into a hairdressers and get my hair cut while we were there to save me time when we get back to Bude. When we last visited Penzance we were quite surprised to find that the town only has one street. On this visit we were happy to discover that we had some how managed to miss the rest of the town and it is considerably bigger than previously thought. It was cold the last time, that’s our excuse.

Whilst I was in the hairdressers I discovered that we where visiting the day before the towns Mazey Day Festival, and thought ah now there’s a happy discovery. Unfortunately when we got back to Daisy and looked it up it became obvious that we would have to leave the dogs behind as it gets very busy. A couple of hours would have been fine but we couldn’t leave them all afternoon and half the night, so we decided we’d better give that one a miss.

Before heading back we bought ourselves a late lunch and wondered down to the harbour so Nik could gaze longingly and the boats and lighthouse whilst taking some photos. It was jolly hot by the time we got back to our site so we were glad for a nice cool rest before setting off for our evening walk with the dogs at 7ish.

Penzance Harbour, Cornwall, UK
Penzance Harbour, Cornwall, UK


As predicted, it was raining in the morning so Nik settled in for a day of photo editing while I walked the dogs. I didn’t fancy a wet walk on the beach so we set off along the road in the hope of finding a footpath through the fields. There was a lot of fresh horse manure coming from this direction so I was hopeful of finding a bridle path. So I was chuffed to bits to discover a public footpath only 5 minutes along the road called the Pilgrims Way, so I thought ‘ah ha’, this could be a good walk. Well it wasn’t bad. The path followed along the edge of Crop fields to the village of Gulval which has and absolutely stunning, if un kempt, church. Once we’d had a good look around the village we weren’t quite ready to turn back yet so we followed along another path which ended up just outside Tesco. The rain had almost stopped at this point and temperature was starting to rise so I thought it was a good time to take the dogs back for their breakfast.

The gas bottle ran out last night so when the sun came out at 2 o’clock we took Daisy down to Morrisons only to discover that they don’t sell our size, the lad at the counter did tell us were does though and although he gave us clear instructions it still took us a good half hour to find it as the road you have to drive along didn’t look big enough and so we thought he must have been mistaken and turned back. We got there in the end though. However, when Nik went to connect it up he noticed that the regulator was twisting in an odd fashion and after testing found that yes it was leaking. He’s been very unlucky with these. Hopefully it was just bad luck and not another problem with the position it sits at.

Gulval church Entrance and vicar, Cornwall, UK
Gulval church Entrance and vicar, Cornwall, UK

Now we have no gas and our little back ups are about to run out, so as Nik wanted to visit the church in Gulval we decided to take a walk to Tesco to see if they sell them and pick up some tea bags while we were there as he was getting low. By getting low, I mean that I just opened his last box of 50 this morning. He is rather addicted to Tesco’s own brand vanilla chia tea so he can only get them from one place.

Tesco didn’t have the canisters so we took a walk around to Halfords which is about 10 minutes walk away, just got there before they shut thank goodness. Then Nik decided that instead of going back the way we came we would see if we could walk across the fields, this would have been a decent plan if the farmers around there didn’t put chicken wire around the edge of their fields, pretty close the edges. We got about half way along the last field only to discover that there really was no way we were squeezing any further, so we had to climb over the wire and try to walk all the way to the top on the tractor tyre marks. We did it but I felt like a naughty child the whole time, tch.

It turned into a rather long walk in the end so we all pleased to get back and have a cuppa.

As we have to take a detour on the way home tomorrow to collect a regulator today was the end of another few days that went far too quickly.

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