Just the two of us in Devon

Just the two of us in Devon

As it was our wedding anniversary Nik and I thought it would be nice for us to get away on our own. Work commitments meant it was only for two nights, so we couldn’t go far.
Nik searched around our lovely area for somewhere we hadn’t been before and found Pyewell Farm, in Instow. Not close enough to the estuary for an evening walk, but that’s fine as we walk there a lot. When we arrived first impressions were a very nice surprise. A very well manicured field with a small area in the middle planted up with flowers and birdfeeders, which were all full and covered in birds. We knew there were a few lakes here but weren’t sure how far away or accessible they were. Having walked the property for our evening stroll we can honestly say, wow, it’s spectacular. Walking to and around the lakes was nice and relaxing. Although the sun wasn’t as good as it has been in previous weeks it was still warm enough to make the whole experience lovely. The owners have left a little laminated book on a wooded fishing cabin by the lakes showing the process of building the lakes. It has obviously been a labour of love that was started in the 70s. Talking to the owner you could see how much pride she has in the property and it is evident that she works hard to keep the place looking lovely.

Up at the crack of dawn and it was raining so we had a leisurely breakfast before setting off to Ilfracombe. We were originally going to spend the morning at Woolacombe but as it was raining we thought somewhere with shops and indoor areas would be the better option. It was a nice little re-visit of the town on a not so nice day. We were about 5 minutes away from Daisy when the heavens opened up and we were soaked.

We arrived at our new site in Shaftsborough just in time for lunch. It’s raining quite heavily at this point and we were looking at an afternoon of scrabble. Nik picked this site as it was near to Bullpoint lighthouse, haha! So, when the rain stopped we suited up and followed the public footpath through the farm and across the fields towards the woods leading to Lee. The footpath down through the woods is extremely steep and appears to be a dried out stream, very slippery under foot, so quite hard going. Ten minutes later we arrived in Lee, a very pretty little village. It didn’t seem to have a lot in the village except a small cove, which looked good for rock pooling. However, it was very picturesque. So we’ve reached the lowest point and now have to start our walk up towards the lighthouse. We found the coastal path, which is also part of the Tarka Trail and followed it up to the top. The signpost pointed down hill for the lighthouse and back for Lee, so Nik decided to take the unmarked path. In his defence he did decided this route because I pulled a face at having to walk down another hill which would probably mean going back up again. This path led to exactly the same low point, but was so overgrown with brambles and nettles. Reminded me of childhood adventures. In all from leaving Daisy to arriving at the lighthouse we went up and down 3 hills and my legs were starting to give up the will to live. (Walking long distance, not a problem but I have one-maybe two big hills in me per walk.) It took 2 hours to get here, up and down hill, alternately soaked then dried out, and all I could think at this point is “oh god, we’ve got the walk back yet”. I know I’m a wimp. It was worth it though just to see Nik’s happy face. I will say that the view from each of the hills was spectacular and well worth the pain. The lighthouse did nothing for me. Nik had fun photographing it. This is where I tell you I love my husband. Nik brought the ordinance survey map out of his bag and found us a different route back. He shaved 20 minutes and 2 hills off the walk home. We got back to Daisy, soaked, completely shattered and very happy with our afternoons adventure. AND! My lovely hubby took pity on me and my legs and cooked dinner. I love my Hubby.
Oh and Nik’s perseverance has paid off. He’s found the tiny little fuse for the boiler and fixed it. Just in time for our two-week holiday. Yay.

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