It’s been too long

With work commitments and children’s exams we haven’t been able to get away for ages. We finally got a weekend away. On Friday I got the van ready and packed everything. Then did the shopping with the help of Marisa who wanted to make sure I bought plenty of snacks and a nice pudding. I thought I would start Daisy just to be sure. Lucky I did as the battery was completely flat. Not sure why, the only thing running is the clock. Would this flatten the battery after 10 weeks?

We left home when Serena finished work at 4:30. I checked with the kids they had everything they needed. Picked up Marisa’s batteries which she had forgotten and away we went. We were happily driving along discussing the important items that we can’t do without. When I remembered that my cameras where still on the dining room table at home, so back we went.

We booked in to Chapel Farm CL Site at Edmonton on the outskirts of Wadebridge near the Cornwall Show Ground. Its only about an hour from home. When we booked we were given a pitch number. We prefer to choose where to park when we arrive rather than being told we must park in a specific spot. On arrival there was a note for us from the owners welcoming us to the site and when she would be to collect the money. A nice touch I thought.

The site is on the top of a hill with stunning views over the Camel Estuary and Padstow. It would be fantastic with a good sunset, we had rain and mist. Will have to return when the weather is better. We had dinner and played games. The leisure battery had also been flattened by the period of inactivity so we ended up playing by torch light. The water boiler is also not working and I cant find out why. Probably a fuse gone but I cant find it so we are having to boil a kettle every time we want hot water.

Rock coastline at Godrevy lighthouse, Gwithian Beach, Cornwall, UK
Rock coastline at Godrevy lighthouse, Gwithian Beach, Cornwall, UK

It was still raining in the morning but the forecast was for an improvement so we had our fingers crossed. We had booked into Churchtown Farm CL site at Gwithian near Hayle at the bottom of Cornwall. It was an easy drive down. Daisy is a real joy to drive on the open road.

The owners of the CL site also have a commercial campsite on the other side of the road so we thought we would see if we could stay there instead so we could plug in and get some electric. We arrived in Gwithian and Serena directed me into the wrong campsite so when I asked at reception if we could change sites they looked at me as if I had just escaped from the loony bin. The right site was just around the corner and they were really helpful. We paid an extra £5.50 and parked up, plugged in and blew a fuse. Ten minutes of searching and I located the blown fuse. That changed, settled down for a cup of coffee, still raining.

Churchtown campsite is nicely laid out and has a shop and showers etc all of which were clean and tidy. From the campsite its a short walk through the sand dunes to Gwithian beach. A huge sandy beach with Godvery Lighthouse on a island just out to sea. It stopped raining so Serena and I went for a walk along the beach and around the headland. It was very windy but really nice to get out. I cooked dinner. We had plaice and new potatoes. Raining again so we played games all evening.

In the morning Katie was first in the bathroom. A miracle, she always stays in bed as long as possible. After breakfast I went for a walk to the CL site to check it out. A nice site surrounded by fields and a nature reserve, nice and quiet. We then left for home.

Although the weather wasn’t great, better to be out in the van on a rainy weekend than at home with the kids stuck in front of the TV. I still cant find the problem with the boiler three days later need to sort it out as we are away again this weekend.

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