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Introducing Oscar Our Beautiful Rescue Dog

OscarMaking a decision to get a rescue dog wasn’t easy. Especially when we already have an old cat that isn’t over fond of dogs. A family member that has an allergy to animal down and an active life travelling around in a motorhome.

So we had to be careful about the type and size of dog we chose. To begin with, we didn’t think about adopting a rescue dog. With my allergy, we never thought it would be possible to find the right breed of dog. Therefore it turned out to be a lovely surprise to come across Oscar.

I’ll admit that when we first saw him we didn’t realise that he was in Romania. By the time we’d spoken to Lisa Hardy about him, it was too late, we had fallen in love with him.
Oscar had quite extensive injuries due to being kept in a cage with several other, larger and more aggressive Oscardogs. He was found and saved by Maria Aurora Nedelcu. She took him into her home and her heart and sent us lots of pictures of him whilst he recovered from his injuries.

The day had come, after three months of not such patient waiting for him to heal. It was finally time to collect Oscar from Essex, where the charity ELI Pet has its Southern drop off point.

Oscar had to stay in a kennels for 48 hours after arriving in England as per the DEFRA legislation. This made it harder still, knowing he was in England but we couldn’t get to him yet.

There were lots of people waiting to collect dogs from different Romanian adopters so we had quite a wait but it was worth it. When our turn came they brought us out our beautiful little bundle of fluff. He looked so small and scared.

Oscar had had the last part of his wound stitched two weeks before travelling so that it would be healed before he got to us. Unfortunately, the little monkey pulled them out several times. Thus, when we got him he still had stitches which needed to be removed. And creams to apply. We knew this and were given the choice of waiting for full recovery or doing last bit ourselves. We haven’t regretted our decision.

OscarOscar has settled into our family from the moment we got him. Due to the distance and late collection we broke the journey and stayed at a CL site half way home. When we let Oscar out of his travel cage he had to pee desperately, so Nik took him outside. Where he had the longest pee of his life, poor boy must have been hanging on for ages.

He was such a good boy waiting for permission to get on the couch. Even though we only have a curtain separating our bed from the main area he didn’t try to join us.

We do have to take him for a walk twice a day. Oscar will not toilet in his own garden. Clever little boy, he knows how to get extra walks. His only real hang up from being a rescue is that he always has to know where we are. Luckily he doesn’t cry for us when we aren’t with him. When we are about, however, he won’t settle properly and follows us everywhere. Hopefully, time and love will cure him of this.

Oscar is a Daddy’s boy, he loves the girls and me but he is happiest when Nik is home.Oscar

He meets every new person as if they have been firm friends for years and accepts every new challenge with so much energy and enthusiasm. Oscar is the happiest sad looking dog I’ve ever seen. We do have to be careful with him as he will bound along all day pretending that he has so much energy,

Oscar is the happiest sad looking dog I’ve ever seen. We do have to be careful with him as he will bound along all day pretending that he has so much energy. 
Actually, he still needs time to build up his strength and muscles, and too long a walk will leave him tired for a few days.
Because all Oscar wants is his family and love, we have been able to take him off a lead very quickly. He is rarely naughty and most of the time it’s probably more to do with the need for us to go to dog training classes, not him.
Best decision we have made in a long time was to adopt a Romanian rescue dog, there is so much love is this little bundle of fur.

For more information about Aura’s Romanian Rescue please click HERE

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