Grand Western Canal

Hot and Sunny

 The weather forecast for the weekend was hot and sunny so we packed up the van. Normally I pack the van but Serena had the day off work. So she helped which completely messed with my routine. This meant we forgot several things, she has assured me she won’t help again.

We booked into The links CL site at Sampford Peverell, just outside of Tiverton on the Devon and Somerset border. A lovely quiet site with a couple of horses fenced off in the bottom half of the field. Lots of rabbits hopping around. After tea, we went for a walk along The Grand Western Canal, which is only 100 yards up the road. For a canal, it’s not very grand but it is very pretty. We had a lovely walk for a few hours watching the wildlife. Trying to dodge hundreds of baby frogs along the towpath. The evening light was stunning. We spent the rest of the evening playing games.

After breakfast on Saturday, we had a walk the other way along the Canal. This turned out to be the prettier way (turn right when you get to the canal). We saw lots of fish including Carp, Pike, Perch, Rudd and Roach. I have never seen a pike except on the telly, and we saw three.

We then drove to Minehead. We have been here a couple of times before. The girls were a bit disappointed with the shops last weekend and we know they like Minehead. There was a bit of a chilly wind along the seafront and really hot in the town. We normally stop off at the station to get a few pictures of steam trains. This weekend they were having a Thomas the Tank Engine weekend. There were hundreds of little children running about and you had to pay to go onto the platform. So we gave it a miss.

The shopping done, we returned to the van for lunch. Then Serena and I went for a walk around the harbour before leaving to go to Greenway Farm CL site.

Minehead viewed from the harbour, Somerset,
Minehead viewed from the harbour, Somerset,

On the Caravan website, Greenway Farm had a great write up. It sounded wonderful, a quiet site on a small-holding with rare breeds, a little cafe and take away meals.

We arrived around 5 o’clock. The turning into the field is a little difficult with a larger van. After a bit of manoeuvring, we got in. The field is quite large but is also used as a car park. There were already five caravans there and another in the field next door. No signs of life from any of them. The field is next to the A39, which is a really busy road, and very noisy. We thought it would quieten down after rush hour but at 3am it was still busy and noisy.

After tea, we had a walk up the road to find a public footpath where we could walk off road. The only one we found was so overgrown we had to give it a miss and returned to the van. Saw four geese and four pigs but no other sign of a small holding. There were a few tables and chairs stacked against a wall but no cafe. We were very disappointed with this site.

We had planned to go to Watchet on Sunday. But decided that as Burnham-on-Sea was closer and bigger we would go there instead. We parked up at the yacht club end and walked along the seafront to the town centre. Had a look around the shops and then back along the seafront to the van for lunch.

After lunch it was time to head home. With everyone strapped in I turned the key in the ignition and nothing, it didn’t even try to start. I rang the RAC who came within the hour, stuck a set of jump leads on the battery and it started the first time. We hadn’t had any problems with the battery before this, it always started the first time and it had started first time that morning and then just died, so will have to buy a new one before next weekend. We could not stop on the way home and prayed we had enough diesel to get us there. The warning light came on with 18 miles to go, we crossed fingers and toes and got home.

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