Glastonbury and Wells, Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, England

Horatio’s Maiden Voyage – Visit Glastonbury Tor

Now that Horatio is livable it is only fitting that our maiden voyage should be to our favourite town and a walk up Glastonbury Tor.

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, UK

It is only a two nighter as Nik is still working for the best part of this year to pay off the build. Hence the reason we have decided Glastonbury must be our destination. There are a few things we still require to make our new home perfect and we’re hoping to find them here. And no visit to the area would be complete without a walk to the top of Glastonbury Tor. There is something so cathartic about standing at the top of the Tor and gazing out across the Somerset Levels.

We booked into Isle Of Avalon Touring Caravan Park where we have stayed everytime we visit for the past three years. Not because we particularly like the site, it is a commercial site so expensive compared to a CL. However, it’s one of the few within walking distance to the town and tor. Parking in a large vehicle around Glastonbury is difficult. 

Katie, our youngest daughter, decided she was going to tag along for the trip so needed collecting from her flat. We also had to drop our car at the garage for it’s MOT. Despite this, we still managed to leave at a fairly decent time and were going to arrive by 2 pm.

About an hour into the journey the garage rang to say the car was going to need major repairs. Ok, we can deal with that when we get back. Ten minutes later the road we were on was closed due to a serious car accident and we had to turn back to make a huge detour. We pulled into a picnic spot to consult the map and make sure the new route was going to where we thought, I got out to check on the dogs and dropped my phone killing it dead. We were now starting to wonder what else could happen.

Well, here we go then. On arrival at the caravan park the owner shot out of her house, which is just opposite the reception, and before Nik could shut the door on the van, told him we couldn’t stay there. Nik told her we’d booked. She looked at our van, newly painted and looking sparkly, and with the ugliest look on her face said. “The site can’t take vans that big”. Of course, Nik then pointed out that Daisy was a four-point six-tonner and Horatio is three point five tonnes, and we’d been staying in Daisy for years. She stuck her nose in the air and said absolutely no way we could stay on her site. 

We have read about how the big sites don’t allow self-builds but as we don’t stay on them often have never thought much of it. It floored us. That after booking she could turn us away. And we could absolutely see from the look on her face that it had everything to do with snobbery. So be it. We never thought much of the site anyway, it was just very convenient. 

Glastonbury Town, Somerset, UKOf course, this meant that we had to find somewhere else to stay, which was an absolute pain. Luckily it is out of season and the only other site within walking distance to the town was empty. This did actually turn out to be good luck in the end. The site sits literally just below Glastonbury Tor. This meant that not only could we see the tor everytime we looked out of the window. Also, every dog walk was up or around the tor. We found so many different angles for Nik to take photos. The only problem was that it was so misty most days that the photos wouldn’t have been good. Still, at least we know for the next visit.

We had a lovely couple of nights here. Wondered through the town on Tuesday and came home on Wednesday with no more bad luck, thank goodness. We have also learnt, the hard way, that commercial sites aren’t going to let us come in. Gotta love snobs.

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  1. Unfortunately, the snobs are still out there. But it sounds like you have found a better site in the end.

  2. Well this is something Interesting.! Totally worth spend some time on it.. 🙂

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