full-timing views of a cow

Getting on With it. Full-timing in our campervan

It’s been quite normal life over the past few weeks. We have been getting Daisy ready for travelling and counting down the weeks before I finish work. This full-timing malarky is the business.

You have to be full-timing to really work out where you need to improve your camper. We bought another solar panel. As we know when winter comes there won’t be enough light some days to charge the leisure battery. We have been shrouded in a blanket of fog for the past few days. Trying not to put too much use on the leisure battery whilst we awaited the arrival of the new one has made working on pictures quite slow for Nik.

It arrived yesterday and amazingly we had a long enough break in the fog for Nik to get it all fitted and charge up the spare battery. The intention is to eventually get another, bigger leisure battery but there’s no rush just yet. The sun only lasted that one afternoon and now we’re back in the fog.

Nik’s laptop charger has arrived and works brilliantly, so that’s another problem sorted.

So all is good in our world and we can’t wait to really get started on our adventures.

Just to add a little fun to our days the farmer has put a few cows into the adjacent field and one of them has what can only be described as a cartoon dogs paw print across her side. Never seen this before so we had to get a photo.

And yes we are easily amused!

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