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Full-Timing At Last

So we finally took the plunge and are now full-timing at last in Daisy.

For Nik, this wasn’t a hard decision to make as he’s been wanting to full time for years. Because he had been doing the research for that last ten years I left Nik with the job of changing our address on everything. Cancelling all our subscriptions i.e. sky, the internet, phone, tv licence. Also, on our last day in the house, Nik had to do the metre readings and ring the appropriate companies.

For me, however, it was the most difficult thing to get my head around. At first! Although I always knew we’d be doing this, it was always at some point in the future. Katie decided it was time to leave home and suddenly, we had no one left at home that needed us. Suddenly, I found myself facing the reality of giving up the bricks and mortar house to live in a motorhome. What were we going to do with everything we owned? Store it or get rid of it? What about all the furniture and all our things that we’d collected over the years?

All these things had to be thought about, processed, considered. For Nik, this process took me far too long. He just couldn’t understand why I didn’t view the whole idea the same way he did. For that matter, Nik doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it. I do have to stay at work until the 8th June.  I just wasn’t sure that working whilst living in a motorhome was a good idea.

Anyway, the day finally came when in my own head I was mentally ready to make the move. I looked around our home and realised that I’d read all of the books lining the walls. Everything else was just STUFF. Mostly unimportant stuff that could be replaced at some point if we choose too. So I started to find homes for it all. The books were given to the children and their partners to read. My small collection of ornaments/family photos were boxed and stored in Nik’s parent’s loft. Everything else was either given away or sold.

Once the decision was made, it felt as though a great weight had been lifted . Clearing out the house was so much easier than I had ever imagined it would be. As each item of furniture left our house on it’s way to its new home I felt almost euphoric. It is very uplifting to realise that you don’t need the stuff to live a happy and fulfilling life.

We were so mixed up in moving that we forgot to take pictures for the blog, tch. Anyway, we’re done. And are now officially living full time in Daisy with Oscar and Ella. Now I have the week off work, so we’re off to have a weeks holiday. Before we get down to reality and finding out what we hadn’t thought about in our planning

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