Free at last! Free to go travelling

It’s official, I have finally worked my notice and am free to go a travelling. The only thing is now Nik isn’t.

Nik has been working a couple of days a week in a country pub to add to the coffers. He also covers for the head chef when he goes on holiday. Every now and then Nik does enjoy getting back into a professional kitchen.

So he told the landlord that he could work until I had worked my notice. If they need him too, he will come back to cover holidays for them. Unfortunately, they haven’t managed to get a replacement yet. My lovely husband doesn’t want to leave them short staffed going into the summer season. So for the time being, he will be working Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and we will be getting travelling and exploring Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Not quite what we had planned but we will console ourselves with the happy thought that it all adds to the coffers.

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