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Foraging Time

It’s the season for foraging a past time we enjoy immensely. So we are taking a break from our self-build to enjoy nature’s bounty and share our experience.

As Nik is working 6 day weeks at the moment to pay for Horatio’s build, he is barely making any progress. Horatio is staying on a farm at the present, thanks to two lovely people we know. And Nik doesn’t want to work too late as it’s quite close to the house. At the moment there’s quite a bit of banging involved there are many layers of rubbish to the walls. It has already taken to trips to the dump with at least one more left to go.


Instead of stressing over this, we took a break to enjoy a lovely dog walk. One of our favourite takes us across beautiful farmland with views out to sea and through a small planted wood. This walk is stunning all year around if a little muddy at times, the fields are always changing depending on what crop is planted and at what stage of growth it’s at. This year there were fields of potatoes which produced a stunning scenery while they were in flower. 

The harvesting of this crop leaves a scattering of small, unwanted potatoes over the fields. This is an opportunity for many locals that can’t be missed. So along with many other regulars to the walk, we collected ourselves some nice freshly grown potatoes. potatoes-being-harvested

Lining most of the fields are blackberry bushes. One of my favourite fruits which always taste better fresh from the bush and make stunning jams, pies and crumbles. I have managed to get enough blackberries for a couple of crumbles despite the crops being low this year.

As an added bonus, while we were walking through the little wood Nik noticed a few horse chestnut trees starting to give up their fruit. And so we spent a fun half hour gaining some nasty little splinters whilst harvesting enough for a small snack. 

Just to add to our bounty the lovely people who’s site we are staying on had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes. They couldn’t use them all themselves so have been kind enough to give me nearly 2 kgs of them. We have had some stunning dinners with them this past week. 

At the end of this month, Nik won’t be working 6 day weeks. Hopefully he’ll be making faster progress with Horatio. I will as ever take inferior photos with my phone and write progress reports for the blog.

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