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Ella the day after she came to live with us
Ella the day after she came to live with us
Ella is a completely unplanned new addition to our family. She is another poodle cross from Romania, about 2 years old.

Like Oscar, Ella was rescued by the lovely Maria Aurora Nedelcu from the streets of Romania, in October. It was a bit of a surprise when Maria contacted me to see if we could give her a home. We weren’t even thinking about getting another dog.

We did have to think long and hard before saying yes as we hadn’t long had Oscar. The lad had a few little issues that may have made it difficult for a new dog to settle in. However, after much consideration, we decided we couldn’t pass her over.

One of the things that held us back was the fact that we were having a rather poor month. With Christmas fast approaching we knew we really couldn’t afford the cost of her passport and transport. Not to mention Daisy was off the road at that time for the winter. Therefore, once Ella was in England, how would she get to Cornwall.

It was a massive surprise when between Maria and her vet they managed to get everything done. With a little help from their friends without cost to us. Then Lisa Hardy new someone in England that could bring her to us in Cornwall. So with that, all arranged how could we not say yes.

Oscar and Ella
Oscar and Ella

We compared the pictures of Oscar and Ella and decided they were about the same size. Maria told us that she was a little smaller than Oscar. 

We welcomed Ella into our family on 15th November, with absolute ease. She is about two-thirds the size of Oscar with three times the energy level. Also, she is the most attention seeking, cuddly, little ball of fun. She and Oscar are best of friends. Rolling about the living room together within twenty minutes of meeting.

 As I said Ella has high energy levels with all the traits of a spaniel. This leads

Ella after rolling in leaf mulch
Ella after rolling in leaf mulch

us to believe she may be a Cockerpoo. Oscar is probably an F1B Labradoodle, so he is more laid back.

It is like watching big brother with annoying little sister sometimes. When Ella wants to play and Oscar just wants to nap we have to find ways to occupy her. Overall, however, they are the perfect match who love getting into mischief together. We have no regrets about our decision to adopt her.
Oh and Ella really loves rolling in anything smelly or black. This gets her bathed far more often than she would like.


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