The Edge of Dartmoor

Wet winter's day on Dartmoor, Devon, UK
Wet winter’s day on Dartmoor, Devon, UK
We’ve finally bit the bullet and bought ourselves a MiFi. Nik is becoming more and more frustrated with his inability to work due to lack of internet reception. As we were due to visit his parents in Exmouth we had it sent there for us to collect. The weather wasn’t going to be too brilliant so we decided to stay on a CL on the edge of Dartmoor. It’s sort of on the way. It rained most of the way there. It was bloomin windy. We were mighty relieved to arrive.

The area isn’t far from Fingle Woods. We had high hopes for walking with the dogs. Nik could also get some work done if the weather stayed nasty out. By the time we’d got through the arrival greetings. Set up Daisy, there wasn’t much day left. Consequently, we walked the dogs around the CL’s field before settling down for a cosy evening in. Our site was at the top of a beautiful valley. This did leave us a little exposed to the wind. However, that adds to the cosy feeling. 

Thursday we awoke to pouring rain.  By the time we’d dressed and had breakfast just it was still pouring. As a result, we resigned ourselves to a day of catching up on work and wet dogs.

There is no way to avoid muddy wet dogs in wet weather. The week before I had spent absolutely ages scrubbing Daisy and removing all signs of mud. This week it was obvious that we were going to be living with mud again. I have a white bathroom mat that we put in front of the door because we had nothing else. This mat was brown by the end of the week. It did save the floor a little, though.

We also have two sets of furniture covers that we can rotate as needed. Two large towels, initially brought to dry the dogs when they get wet. However, our dogs don’t enjoy being dried. They seem to have made it their special business to get onto the furniture before we can achieve this. So the towels have now become the first defence. We cover the furniture with towels before setting off for a walk. The hope being that most of the mud and water goes onto them before the dogs ruck them up. It’s a losing battle, but we continue to try.

Unfortunately, the day was too wet for an all day walk. Nik caught up on his photography editing and I spent most of the day hand washing all our clothes. If we had electric I was going to use it to my advantage and get the washing dried quickly. It’s sad what makes me happy these days.

Double rainbow over farmland, Dartmoor, Devon, UK
Double rainbow over farmland, Dartmoor, Devon, UK

Friday morning started with rain. Only light rain though, and there were some beautiful rainbows in the sky. Nik had lots of fun with his camera. We had a slow start. Giving the rain a chance to go away. Before taking the dogs for a walk to Fingle Woods. Roughly a mile from our site. All down hill but we weren’t giving up the chance to get out walking while we could.

Fingle Woods is between Castle Drogo and Steps Bridge Wood. Both of which attract tens of thousands of visitors per year. Jointly owned by The National Trust and The Woodland Trust. Fingle Woods is undergoing extensive restoration to repair the areas damaged by mature conifers. With 45km of new footpaths added already. This has opened up the area for some amazing walks. With 528 acres available to explore this is the perfect place for a day out with the dogs or children.

Riverside track in Autumn, Fingle Woods, Dartmoor, Devon, UK
Riverside track in Autumn, Fingle Woods, Dartmoor, Devon, UK

We started our walk at Clifford Bridge and followed a path that runs beside the River Teign. The wood is full autumn colour and full of wildlife. Not to mention fungi so not only did the dogs have loads of fun chasing animal smells. Nik thoroughly enjoyed himself taking pictures. I, of course, enjoyed the walk too; I love walking in the woods, especially in the autumn.

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