Day out at Exmouth

Exmouth Marina, Devon, UK
Exmouth Marina, Devon, UK

Well it’s September in England so the weather has taken a turn towards autumn now. Despite this today was dry and warm. So we decided to go for a wonder along the seafront at Exmouth. We parked along Queens Drive which took two attempts, as when we first arrived we realised we had no change for the ticket machine so had to go find a cash point machine, then a shop so we could get some change.
The tide was out about as far as it could get when we arrived which gave us much fun trudging along the waters edge, Nik taking photo’s of passing yachts and me watching baby crabs scurrying from rock-pool to rock-pool trying not to get snapped up by seagulls. Eventually we reached the marina at the end of Pier Head. This is spectacular. The flats / houses that are built around the marina are so many lovely colours, that mixed with the boats in the marina is very picturesque. We wondered all the way around and out the other side until we reached the yacht club. All the way deciding which one of the buildings we’re going to live in when we grow up.

When we decided to go back it wasn’t because we’d had enough but because we realised that our parking ticket didn’t have long left. So knowing this we still managed to get distracted several times along the way. Almost there we spot a traffic warden giving someone a ticket with a look of pure joy on his face. Nik couldn’t resist taking a few photos of him before we made a dash for our own car and headed home.

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