Dartmoor Zoo. Siberian Tiger, Panthera tigris altaica

Dartmoor Zoo

Barn Owl, Tyto alba
Barn Owl, Tyto alba
We went to Newquay zoo for Marisa to take photos for her GCSE photography course. When we arrived there was a really long queue. I spoke to a chap from the zoo who said there was a children’s television presenter there for the day and they were full. They were only letting people in as others left. We decided not to stay and instead went to Dartmoor Zoo and had a really great day.

Dartmoor zoo is small but very good, great enclosures for taking pictures. You can look down into most of them so no fences in the way. There are tigers, leopards, jaguar and bears. We watched a falconry display which was really good. £35 for a family ticket which we felt was quite expensive for a small zoo but we did enjoy ourselves and got lots of photos. As we were leaving Marisa got scared by an ostrich which was really funny.

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