Christmas Shopping in Glastonbury

So Marisa couldn’t come with us to Glastonbury when we visited a few months ago due to work commitments. She was pretty gutted. This week Marisa and Joss, her partner, are on holiday and have decided to visit Glastonbury. Joss has never been. Gasp! This is something that needed to be rectified and soon. As we were planning to go for a visit before Christmas we joined them.

Their timing was a bit off, as all the sites near Glastonbury where booked. The Bridgewater Carnival was on. So we booked the site near Burrow Mump as it’s not too far away. Plus we knew there would be good walking there.

On arrival at the site, we had a long discussion with the owner as to how wet it the grass was. What was the possibility of ending up stuck? She said, “it’s fine, not too wet, drains well here, don’t worry.” (Not an exact quote). Off Nik drove and within seconds Old Daisy was having trouble. Luckily we were only slightly on an angle. Because we were going nowhere without help. Which we were hoping to get from our site owner, as she was sure we wouldn’t get stuck, ha-ha.

So, stuck or not, the dogs needed walking, preferably before it got dark. Off we trot to the drover’s way and slowly descend onto the levels. We didn’t get very far before it became apparent that we weren’t going any further without wellies. The puddles were big and deep. The dogs were happy as the proverbial pigs in ****. Nik and I were covered in mud, with soaked feet. We’d been rushing to get the walk done before it got dark. Consequently, we didn’t think to put our wellies on. We didn’t get back in daylight either. Ah well, the dogs had fun.

When we woke up in the morning Daisy had sunk a little more into the grass. Nothing we could do about it then. Therefore we decided it was best to leave her be until Friday evening. Hoping that Marisa and Joss could help us get her out before they disappeared off to finish their holiday.

It wasn’t the best of days, as far as the weather was concerned. As we were only planning on shopping it didn’t bother us. We decided to walk the dogs around the lanes, in the hope of finding a public footpath along the way. Everywhere was wet and muddy. The one footpath we found went through an extremely muddy field, so we gave it a miss.

Marisa & Joss walking past Bishop's Palace, Wells
Marisa & Joss walking past Bishop’s Palace, Wells

Marisa and Joss were very late arriving as they were following google.maps on Marisa’s phone. They lost internet signal along the way. Instead of ringing us straight away they decided to wing it, oh dear. They did eventually ring from Wells. Completely the other side of Glastonbury and I had to direct them over the phone. You’ve gotta love the younger generation. We’re thinking about buying them a proper map book. Might have to show them how to turn pages, though.

We did eventually get to Glastonbury. The dogs stayed in Daisy for the day, it wouldn’t have been much fun for them. We all had a great day and managed to make a start on the Christmas shopping. Not sure what Joss made of Glastonbury, he was quite quiet. Hopefully, he enjoyed the day as much as we did. Marisa doesn’t intend for this to be their last visit.

They stayed with us that night, another first for Joss. Marisa was determined to show him as much of the fun things she did growing up as she could. So we played Yahtzee all evening, we had to teach Joss first. Poor love, hope we didn’t scare him off.

The mote around Bishop's Palace, Wells,in Autumn
The moat around Bishop’s Palace, Wells, in Autumn

Friday morning we all went to Wells, dogs as well. Wells isn’t a big shopping town and we didn’t think it was fair to leave them behind again. All the trees around the Bishops Palace were in their full autumn colours, adding a different flavour to the scene. Nik had opted not to bring his cameras, it was such a dark and dreary day. Something he never does. Nik was gutted to have missed the opportunity to photograph the autumn leaves in the moat. And now the only pictures we have from the time are mine from a phone. Nowhere near as good as Nik’s  but they’re all we managed to get on this trip. It’ll be years before I can persuade him to have a day out without his cameras again.

After a lovely day out we returned to our site and Daisy. Marisa and Joss had plans for the evening so we quickly set about trying to free our Home. Unfortunately one of the back wheels had sunk so far into the grass there was no shifting her. So we waved fair well to the kids and set about spending another night at an angle.

The next morning we couldn’t find our site owner to pay. She may have had things to do but we’ve been in her field for three nights and she hadn’t come to collect the payment. We know she knew we were stuck because she was there when Nik drove in. By her recommendation. When we could have parked in her very big parking space just outside the field. So Assumed that if she wasn’t overly bothered at the prospect of us getting stuck it must be because she could help us out if need be. Now we think not. Hopefully, she will learn in the future. If her field is very wet, tell people or they will leave big holes behind. Daisy had sunk to about a third if her wheels height, that’s a pretty big hole that we left behind.

Anyway, we rang the RAC who didn’t bat an eyelid, just turned up and tugged us out. We would have rather not used them for such a silly thing but hey ho. We have also learnt a lesson. When it’s really wet, go to hard standing, it’s safer. Also, don’t take an owners word for it that the grass is fine, check it out for ourselves.

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