Category: Project Horatio, a self build campervan

Project Horatio is a horse box which we will be turning into a self-build campervan. Join us on our journey of the great unknown that is self-build campervans. There will be perils along the way, especially as Nik has a history of leaning against electric fences. Imagine how he can injure himself with workman’s tools.

This project is going to be big and neither Nik nor I have any real experience in, so it’s going to be a lot of on the job learning. There will be frustrating moments as well as celebrations when it all goes the way it’s supposed to. There will be monthly and sometimes weekly updates, depending on progress with photographic evidence for your perusal.

We are really looking forward to sharing our experiences, good and bad, with our readers and discovering all there is to know about working on a self-build campervan and would love to share our journey with as many of our readers as we can.