Category: Pets in a campervan – Two Dogs and a Parrot

Two dogs, of the rescue variety and a parrot share the living space in our self-build campervan. Living with pets in a confined space can be interesting.

It could be considered madness to share a small camper with pets. Especially as two are mud traps and the other likes to screech if he wants attention.  Well, we have never been considered sane by the people that know us. 

The biggest issue we have found so far is training. It can be difficult to train a new dog/puppy when you live in a home with no garden. We are getting there, slowly. As with everything we do in our camper if we find a unique solution to living with pets in our unique home we will share it with our readers. For example, overcoming outside training without a fenced in outside space.

We love to share.