Camel Trail Wenford Bridge

Camel Trial Wenford Bridge to Helland Bridge

Part of the picnic area at Poley's Bridge on the Camel Trail, Cornwall, UK
Part of the picnic area at Poley’s Bridge on the Camel Trail, Cornwall, UK

Today we decided to walk another part of the Camel Trail, this time we started at Wenford Bridge. Not too difficult to get to from the main road, although we wouldn’t be too keen to drive there in Daisy as the last part is along Cornish country roads.

We were nicely surprised to see there is a building at the start of the trail where you can hire bikes and purchase refreshments. Surprised because when we’ve looked online there is no mention of this. We think it may be quite new. Not a huge space for parking (Nik recons it would fit about 30 cars), but probably enough for this end of the trial as it didn’t seem to be as well travelled as the Padstow, Wadebridge or Bodmin ends. It’s Sunday and sunny so we were really surprised at how few people we encountered along our route.

Not long into the route, we walked past Wenford Dries, an old Clay drying works, we spent ages trying to guess what it was as we hadn’t yet read the information board at the beginning of the trail, takes all the fun out of it. Unfortunately, this lovely derelict set of buildings is surrounded by tall fencing so Nik didn’t manage to get any good photos of it. It is fascinating though and full of wild plants, butterflies and birds to grab your attention. Very peaceful walking along here listening to the songbirds.

Blue Tit, Parus caeruleus
Blue Tit,

When we reached Poley’s Bridge we wondered off route and followed a well-used track through a small bit of woodland along the edge of the river. This track takes you around the edge of a small field which has a picnic bench beside the river just where the trail meets it. This is a very pretty spot with access to the river where children/dogs can splash about a bit and cool down. Lovely rocks edge this part of the river. We sat here for a while watching birds flitting back and forth before walking up a few steps and rejoining the trail.

The trail runs alongside farmers fields and Shell Woods car park, which means it can be reached by road giving you the option to go off the beaten track again and walk through the woodland. We had a small explore but didn’t get distracted this time as we really wanted to go further along the trail.

Bridge over the River Camel, also known as the River allan at Helland Bridge, Cornwall, UK
Bridge over the River Camel, also known as the River Allan at Helland Bridge, Cornwall, UK

As we neared Helland Bridge the trees thinned out and we could see the river again and as a special treat for us, three Buzzards were playing on the air currents above the distant trees. Here Nik found the house that he wants to live in when we grow up. It had access to the river, land for a flower/veg. patch and chickens, a small orchard and was in a very pretty location. He likes spotting his retirement home when we’re walking.

When we reached our destination we found a beautiful bridge believed to be from around early 15th Century using local slate and stone rubble with granite toppings. It has four pointed dressed stone arches. Also of interest here is Paul Jackson’s studio.

In all this small part of the trail is three and a half miles long and although it isn’t the prettiest stretch of the Camel Trail we really enjoyed our day. Nik didn’t manage to get many new photos’s on this stretch but that didn’t stop him saying he had a really good walk.

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