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Buying Daisy – Pilote R860s Exclusive

After three happy years with our Auto-sleeper Talisman it was time to buy a larger motorhome.

We put the Auto-sleeper up for sale on Ebay and had a few people come to view. Including a couple who really liked it but then said they could not buy it until they had sold their house.

We then had an offer through Ebay which we accepted. The next day they emailed to say they had put in several offers of which three had been accepted so they no longer wanted to buy the van. So we put it back on Ebay.

We then had another offer which we accepted and took a small deposit through paypal. Thinking this was a definite sale we went to look at Daisy and fell in love with her. She is a Pilote R860s Exclusive.  

Two days before we were to collect Daisy our buyer decided he did not want to continue with the sale. With only two days before we were to pick up Daisy and no buyer for our van, we had two choices.

One – forget about Daisy and lose our deposit. Get the work done on our van and have it MOT’d. Then resell it and find a new van.

Two – sell it to a trader who had given us a very low offer earlier that we had declined.

After much thought, we decided we just wanted to move on and had fallen in love with Daisy. So the deal was done. We got £1500 less than we had hoped but we could move on. 

We bought Daisy from a lovely couple in Dorset. When we picked her up it was raining again. It always rains when we go to Dorset.

On the drive home I found the temperature gauge doesn’t work. Then after arriving home, I couldn’t get anything to work. The lights, radio, water pump were all not working. There wasn’t an instruction book, so after spending all day following wires, checking fuses and lots of head scratching I finally figured it out.

After popping to the local car shop and buying a new leisure battery everything works. Well, almost everything. There were three lights inside that still didn’t work that were on a different switch to the others. I could not figure out what was wrong with them. So I re-wired them into the same switch as the others and they all work now.

The van has a microwave/convection oven that only works when on electric hook up. And as we like to wild camp or stay on CL site without electric we needed a gas oven. I bought one from a couple in Weston-super-Mare, which fitted perfectly in the cupboard under the grill. I just had to cut out the shelf and have it fitted.

We have a Caravan Service Repair Center on the outskirts of Bude so I took it there to have the oven fitted. I had the oven, the copper pipe and there was a shut-off valve for it to connect to. All that needed doing was to bend the pipe and fit it in each end. Spoke to the chap at the service centre who stuck his nose in the air and with a sarcastic comment sent me on my way. So if you are on the North Coast of Cornwall and you need any work doing don’t go to them. 

Do go to Eddie at Eden Custom Campers at Holsworthy. Although he was really busy he squeezed me in. £25 for an hours work and now we have a working oven and we’re ready for our first trip at the weekend.

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