Burgh Island, Devon. Sea Tractor,

Burgh Island, Devon

Main aim for this weekend is to visit Burgh Island, Devon.

We left home at 2.45 pm after Serena finished work and drove to a CL site at South Milton, Devon. Had heavy rain all evening so we had dinner, which was Mexican and played games till after midnight.

3rd June 2012.
I awoke at 5 am to a very grey day so went back to bed. After breakfast, we drove to Slapton Sands. It was a very grey day but we still went for a walk along the beach. Which was nice at the far end. By the cliffs are loads of wildflowers growing on the beach, it’s really pretty. At the other end of the beach is a Sherman Tank memorial to the American servicemen who died during the d-day practice, Operation Tiger. Rained in the evening, played games till after midnight.

4th June 2012.

Burgh Island, Devon
Art Deco Burgh Island Hotel and the Pilchard Inn

Woke at 5 am grey again so back to bed, got up at 8.30am and walked down to South Milton beach to photograph Thurlestone rock an arch-shaped rock formation just offshore in Thurlestone Bay.


We then went to Burgh Island, £6.50 to park! The sun came out a little and we had a walk around the island, it’s very

pretty and the Art Deco Hotel and Pilchard Inn are interesting places, the tide was out which was a shame as we would have like to have a ride on the sea tractor.

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