The Harbour, St Michael's Mount, Bottom of Cornwall

Bottom of Cornwall

This we have decided to pay a visit to the Bottom of Cornwall and give the girls a really good holiday.

We left home at 2.30 pm, Went to Par Sands beach, raining so we could not have the BBQ we had planned, dinner in the van instead,
Sunday 1st August 2010.
Drove down the coast to Falmouth, rain all day so we spent the day in the van beside the boating lake at Swanpool watching a group of old men playing with model boats, we had ice-creams at the beach between showers, we stayed the night at Menehay Farm CL site, a nice quiet site with electric.
Monday 2nd August 2010.

Horse riding along the beach, St Michael's Mount in the distance.
Horse riding along the beach, St Michael’s Mount in the distance.

Drove down to CL site at Marazion, really hard to find site we had to ask the postman, nice enough site a bit noisy being near the main road and helicopter airport but walking distance to the beach and central to the area, we went for a walk around the bay to St. Micheal’s Mount and back for a BBQ for dinner.

Tuesday 3rd August 2010.
Rain in the morning but cleared up by lunch time. We went to St Ives, unbearably crowded none of us enjoyed it. went to Tate St Ives not over impressed but not as expensive as I thought it would be.

Visitors to the Tate St Ives, Cornwall.
Visitors to the Tate St Ives, Cornwall.

Wednesday 4th August 2010.
Rain in the morning but turned into a lovely day with sunshine and blue skies, Went to Paradise Park at Hayle, fantastic wildlife park best bits are feeding the parakeets 50p for a cup of sugar stuff and they come sit on you and the free flying bird display were the staff bring out lots of different bird and they tell you about them while they fly around all outside and free, definitely recommend coming here, best day of our holiday. we then went to North Quay beach to watch the kite surfers it’s a nice beach, they were trying to connect the cable to the wave hub to demonstrate wave energy, it took them another two weeks to finally succeed.
Thursday 5th August 2010.

Three Sun Conure Parrots landing on a handler during a display.
Three Sun Conure Parrots landing on a handler during a display.

Lands End – disappointing – they whole place is designed to fleece visitors. it is not worth visiting here expect The End to End Story at Land’s End display is worth a look, they show a film of the journey from John O’Groats to Lands End at 6,000 miles per hour! on the windscreen of an old landrover.

We then went on to The Minack Theatre now this is worth going to, built into the cliffs by Rowena Cade. we would love to see a play here but you need to book early. We had a bit of trouble getting up the steep hill to the car park as the hand brake is not working properly.
Friday 6th August 2010.
Rain again and fog so went for a drive to The Lizard, the fog cleared and the rain stopped. Not much to see at the Lizard, the lighthouse is too expensive for a family so we gave that a miss, few shops mostly to relieve tourists of their money, Serena bought a nice top from a hippy shop best shop there. We had a KFC for tea.
Saturday 7th August 2010.
Fairly good weather – really nice late afternoon, we went to The National Seal Sanctuary at Gweek. They do great work for seals but as a day out we were disappointed. It’s expensive and there is not much there. Probably ok if you have young children, but a cause worth supporting. stopped at the garden centre on the way back. Lots of tropical plants so we brought a black flower we have seen a lot growing around the area. Hope it will live in our garden. We also got a lemon thyme and a candle covered in shells., Pushed the boat out a bit for dinner and had mussels in white wine followed by Mexican. After dinner, I went for a walk along the beach to get some photos of St. Michael’s Mount. As it was a really nice evening light.
Sunday 8th August 2010.
Lovely day lots of sunshine. We went to St. Michael’s Mount. The tide was in so we went over by boat which was great fun. Better than walking along the causeway. We all enjoyed the mount, it is a very interesting place to visit. Serena and I decided we were going for a swim in the bay whilst the girls had ice-cream. We went in up to our waists, the water was numbingly cold so we wimped out.

Monday 9th August 2010.
Had brunch overlooking the mount with a cream tea for pudding. The weather was foggy and raining so we drove to the mine at Wheal Coates Tin Mine at St Agnes. We stayed overnight in the car park.There was a lovely sunset. Home in the morning.

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