On The Road With Kids by John Ahern

On The Road With Kids by John Ahern – Book Review

On The Road With Kids – by John Ahern

In On The Road With Kids, John Ahern writes an autobiographical account of his year in a motor home with his wife and two pre-school children in Europe.

Starting his tale with the events that lead to their adventure, John then takes you through the physical and mental struggles of coming to terms with living in a small box. Toddlers and a budget! Giving the reader a first-hand view of the mental revelations he goes through that will change his attitude to and priorities in life forever.

Nik and I chuckled our way through the pages of this book. On The Road With Kids is such a compelling read. It took us down our own memory lane of similar struggles, emotions and laughs.

John gives an honest account of the emotional roller coaster he went through from the very beginning of the journey right up to the end. From feeling like the trip was a very bad idea to not wanting it to end. We could so easily relate to this book. And feel you don’t need to have children to appreciate the difficulties of adjusting to life in a home on wheels.

If you’re considering giving it all up to live in a motorhome we would recommend you read this book. This book will give you an amazing insight of what to expect. You’ve already taken the plunge?  Then like us, you will chuckle your way through so many shared moments.

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