About Us

Serena, Oscar and Ella
Serena, Oscar and Ella

Hi, we are Nik & Serena Taylor and we live in our self-build motorhome ‘Horatio’, a Ford Transit Luton, with our two rescue dogs Oscar and Ella.

We started out campervaning in 2006 with our four children in a self-build, bright orange, LT35 named Helger. On our first real adventure, the old girl took the six of us on a three-week adventure along the coast of France and just over the Spanish border.  It truly was camping in a van in those days. Unfortunately, all photos from that period were stills, and are currently in storage.


We then moved on to a Ford Transit when Helger had had enough of us, which Nik again turned into a camper.


As the children got older and started to leave home we moved on to a small motor home, an Auto Sleeper plus. Sadly we never did find a name that suited the old girl.





In 2012 Daisy, a Pilote R860s exclusive became our new partner in crime. Daisy was the inspirational name behind this blog. Our two youngest, teenage girls by this point, were still coming on our adventures with us and we needed more space, mainly for sleeping.

In April 2015 the last of our children flew the nest giving us the opportunity to start full timing. We set up this site so that we could share our experiences, good and bad, with 



So now we have come full circle. Nik desperately wanted to go back to a self-build. With the children hardly ever joining us, we no longer need such a large van. Shop made motorhomes always have something that just isn’t right. Usually, our case, the kitchen is just too small. So in September 2016, we purchased Horatio. Nik then spent every available moment turning him into our dream camper. And a jolly good job he did of it too.

You can read about the project here.