Dartmouth Museum, Housed in an old merchant's house, built in approximately 1640. Devon, UK 2013
Dartmouth Museum, Housed in an old merchant’s house, built in approximately 1640. 

Dartmouth is a town in the South Hams district of Devon built on the estuary of the river Dart. The port was used in the Crusades as a sailing point and Warfleet Creek next to Dartmouth Castle is supposed to be named for the vast fleet that assembled there. The mouth of the Dart is protected by Dartmouth Castle and Kingswear Castle. One of the old streets in Dartmouth is Smith Street and several of the houses in this street are originally 16th and early 17th century, and where probably built on the site of medieval dwellings. There are many medieval and Elizabethan streets with narrow lanes and stones stairways and a significant number of listed buildings. One of which is the Butterwalk, which now forms part of Dartmouth Museum. Built 1635 – 1640 its carved wooden fascia is supported by granite columns.

We highly recommend a visit to Dartmouth. The streets are very pretty and well maintained making it a very picturesque town with many very old building with intricately carved exteriors. The shopkeepers put a lot of effort into the hanging baskets and pots outside their shops adding to the experience. Wondering through the cobbled streets and narrow back alleys it is very easy to look back into the past. The Royal Avenue Gardens are very pretty and make a peaceful retreat from shopping. We also recommend a walk along the estuary for a very pretty view. You can get a ferry from Dartmouth South Embankment Ferry Terminal to Kingswear. The park and ride on the edge of town is spacious and fairly priced at £5 for parking and the fair to and from the harbour, with buses coming roughly every 20 minutes. It beats trying to find a space in the centre on a busy day. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Dartmouth and will definitely be going back.