A little bit about Welcombe

Today we woke up to lovely bright sunshine which unfortunately didn’t last long and the wind was still quite chilly so we decided to take the dogs and explore the nearby woodland.

The more time we spend in Welcombe the more Nik and I fall in love with it. We had visited the village often over the years as Katie had a friend from school who lived here, so we did a lot of dropping off and colleting. At the time it was just another rural village much the same as the one we lived in, so we didn’t really pay much attention.

Sitting here in Daisy, we can look out across the fields and get a view down the valley at the lush countryside. Welcombe is quite well spread out with little pockets of houses dotted around. However, for us it isn’t just the view. We haven’t as yet managed to investigate probably half of the area, what we have seen is stunning. Our CL site is surrounded by footpaths and bridle paths, not to mention being within walking distance of the coastal path and Welcombe beach.

Bluebells along a woodland footpath, Welcombe, Devon, UK
Bluebells along a woodland footpath, Welcombe, Devon, UK

One of our favourite walks is through the woodland just behind our site that is protected by Devon Wildlife Trust. There are two points of access which are easily reached from our field. One is along the side of the barns on the farm opposite, which has a fairly steep downhill track with quite a few little paths jutting off in different directions. If you continue to the bottom and follow the path further on you have even more paths to follow, one of which we think leads to the sea, not followed this one yet so can’t confirm. This is an old woodland so no pine trees and because of this and maybe because it is managed by the DWT there is such a variety of wild flowers and the wood is alive with bird song. At the moment there are bluebells everywhere you look. The wood is growing through a valley, so there is a lot of up and down but it is so very worth it. Our little walk today turned into a two and half hour explore which turned up even more paths that we are hoping to walk along at some point before we leave. Probably with packed lunches so we can keep going until we’re warn out.

St Nectans church, Welcombe, Devon, UK
St Nectans church, Welcombe, Devon, UK

On the other side of the village is the village hall with a millennium woodland behind it, very pretty little woodland with walk ways cut into the grass, the village church and more footpaths that take you further out the other side. You can of course drive to the other side, we however prefer to walk. We take the road that goes down path the Old Smithy Inn until you read a public footpath to your left and right. Follow the

Listed Grade II, St Nectan's Medieval Holy well, Welcombe, Devon, UK
Listed Grade II, St Nectan’s Medieval Holy well, Welcombe, Devon, UK

right path until you come to a stile on your left only about 2 minutes into the walk. Down through the middle of a field, over another stile and follow the path to the river at the bottom, cross the bridge and walk up the next field to a gate that in a footpath through a garden. Once out the other side of the garden you can turn left for the church and other footpath or right for the community centre and woodland.

It’s about 15 minutes walk to the beach across fields and down the coast steps where you will also find a river and some lovely looking stepping stones to help you cross to the other side where you can continue your walk along the coast.

If you’re a walker Welcombe really does have a lot to offer.

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